Our Favorite Watch Valets

Our Favorite Watch Valets

Ever feel frustrated when you get home and want to throw your watch and keys on something soft and safe but instead you’re left with a granite countertop or hardwood dresser? Well we do, all the time. Luckily we’ve got lots of Everest Rolls and pouches to get us through, but that’s besides the point. Maybe you don’t even want to fiddle with a pouch or roll and literally just want to toss those keys and watch onto something fast. We’ve compiled a list of our top watch valets that’ll help you fulfill those needs. 

Ralph Lauren Handwoven Valet Tray


No doubt Ralph Lauren knows what’s up when it comes to style and fashion and that shines through with their design of the Valet Tray. Yes, you could go buy a $15 faux leather tray and be happy, but having a tray you’re proud to have set out on either a bedside table or office desk is important. Made of authentic Harris Tweed from Scotland, the tray also features a waxed suede base and you can unsnap the corners for it to lay flat for any kind of storage. Priced at $195, this is the stylish and super soft tray is what we all need in our lives. 

Mark & Graham Baseball Leather Catchall Tray



Are you a baseball fan? Or know someone who is? This valet tray is made for baseball lovers with its entire case made out of the same leather used to make baseball gloves. Like most valet trays, this one also features snap closures you can unsnap for it to lay flat and fit in that carryon suitcase on all those upcoming (errr) trips! What’s also great about this valet is that you can also get it monogrammed for an even more personal look. Priced currently at $79 it’s a great choice for those looking for a more budget friendly option.

Everest Leather Watch Portfolio

everest watch valet

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Did you know we carry a watch valet? Well sort of…

We designed our Leather Watch Portfolio to kind of be an all in one solution to many different problems a lot of folks seem to have. It’s a place to store watch straps, those amazing Rolex watches, and of course, it’s a great place to change those straps out or lay your watches down for the night. You can even safely store watch tools in it as well, making strap changes a breeze.  And now for the best part. You can pack it up in about 5 seconds and head out the door with all your essentials. It’s the perfect travel accessory as you can use it while staying in hotel room after hotel room, all while having a safe, soft, suede interior to lay those watches down on at the end of a very long day. Our Portfolio is made of naturally tanned calf leather by our Swiss manufacturing team. Click here, to check them out today!


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