Our Favorite Rolex Watches for Mom

Our Favorite Rolex Watches for Mom

Whether you call her mom, mother, madre, mum, momma, or any other name, there’s no denying the special role that mothers play in our lives and the lives around them. I like to think that watches are so much more than a simple piece of metal with moving parts that tell the time. They symbolize time in and of itself. Each passing moment, the way we spend it, and the memories that we make. There’s a certain romance about the concept of time and the fact that it never changes, always consistent and there. Reliable, sometimes more accurate than we want it to be, and reminding us to make the best of our lives. Much like many of the women who have played the role of “mom” in our lives. (feel free to use that in your card to mom for mother’s day, accompanied by a great watch too of course)

I’ve always found it fascinating that the first wristwatch ever made was a ladies watch. History may disagree on whether it was a watch made by Abraham Louis-Breguet in 1810 or the Patek Philippe custom watch made for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868, but what was originated as a blend of fashion meets status symbol evolved over 200 years to include wrist watches of all types for all reasons. Women’s watches have morphed into a new combination of functionality, design, and craftsmanship, much the same as the role of women in society. Mothers Day seemed as good an occasion as any to take a look at some of our favorite Rolex watches designed for the women in our lives. 

first patek watch


It wasn’t until 1957 that Rolex introduced a collection of watches specifically for ladies, the Lady DateJust, combining the brand’s timeless heritage in a smaller size better suited for women’s wrists. It’s no surprise that on our list of favorite Rolex ladies watches, this icon still ranks as number one. Available in multiple sizes (28, 31, 26, and even 41mm for those who love a larger watch), the DateJust literally offers something for every woman. Whether she’s an all steel woman, or loves a bit of two tone and gold. If she likes a bit of bling with a diamond bezel or something more under the radar, the Datejust offers the perfect balance of wanting something that feels a little special with the practicality of everyday wearability that many tend to gravitate towards. (And if she’s looking for something a bit more “outside the box”, check out this incredibly fun Palm Leaf dial that will have mom ready for a trip to the beach!)

rolex watch and some flowers


Next up for mom, the Oyster Perpetual! And while yes, any of these iconic watches would look great, I must admit there’s something about the candy colored dials released last year that really pull at the heart strings!  Pink, yellow, green, turquoise, yellow...honestly I have no idea how you would even begin to pick a color. They were an unexpected release from a brand that leans into tradition over “trend”, and have taken the watch world by storm ever since. For the mom who doesn’t take things too seriously, this is the Rolex to match! One of our on staff moms wrote about her turquoise blue Oyster perpetual 41 here.

rolex oyster perpetual turquoise blue


My final pick definitely is outside the box and not your first thought when it comes to looking for ladies watches on the Rolex website. In fact, you won’t find it in the ladies section at all, but there are those moms who just want to be different. For the mom who likes to swim against the current and has that adventure spirit, the Rolex Submariner is a phenomenal fit. As watch trends continue to change, one that has been gaining speed in recent years is women wearing traditionally labelled “men’s watches”. The Submariner is an undeniable icon, made to handle anything that life throws at you. While it may not be the “safest” option (I would definitely recommend you check on this one before making a surprise purchase), it’s a piece she’s sure to rarely, if ever take off. Besides, the endless selection of Everest watch straps for the Submariner make it the perfect accessory. 

rolex submariner on a woman


As watch enthusiasts, I think we can all agree that the gift of time makes the perfect gift. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Valentines, an anniversary, or just because, the added sentiment of never ending love to go with a never dying timepiece is sure to wow that someone special in your life. To all you moms out there, we wish you the happiest of Mothers Days. 

Written by: K. Wells



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