Our Favorite Looks For The Rolex Explorer II 16570

Our Favorite Looks For The Rolex Explorer II 16570

Every so often we like to take a deep dive into one of our Everest pieces we have at the office and try out lots of Everest Straps on it and vote on our favorites. The Rolex Explorer II 16570 has gained such a big following in the last few years and prices have definitely started to rise. The white dial and thin red GMT hand make this such an understated piece but also one that goes with so many straps!! Today, we’re going to take a look at some of our Everest options that really blew us away!

rolex explorer on a tan leather everest strap

While a lot of people realize we make curved ends straps to fit the lug and case of your Rolex perfectly, we also produce Steel End Link Leather Straps that leave zero gap between the case and strap. It’s completely seamless. Made with 316L stainless steel, the link and buckle are up to the same level of finishing your Explorer II is at. We have several different options in the strap but our favorite for the white dialed Explorer II is the saddle tan leather. The tan leather really adds to the vintage appeal of the Polar Explorer. Check them out here

rolex explorer on tan leather everest band

 rolex explorer on everest band perforated leather

Another favorite from our team is the Everest Curved End Racing Leather Strap. Our racing straps come in options such as black with red stitching, black with white stitching and white with red stitching but we think the black with red stitching is the perfect look for the Explorer II. The strap is equipped with our ABS plastic insert so that there is a perfect fit to the Rolex and no movement.


The perforated sports leather strap was designed to look like the interior of a sports car and the red stitching makes that GMT hand pop! It’s one of our most sportiest options for the Explorer II. Head to our site here, to check out these leather options! 

Want something a little more casual for your Rolex Sports watch? We think our Curved End Nylon Straps are the perfect option to dress up the Explorer II a bit. Our Nylon is a high quality interwoven textile material with a hypoallergenic lining that will soften up that steel sports watch in seconds. Also fitted with our ABS and hand crafted in Switzerland, we think the blue really gives the Explorer II an understated look that won’t draw so much attention to your wrist. These straps go particularly well in fall, winter, and spring months. Get yours today, here

everest nylon sweater strap on rolex explorer


We can’t compile a list of our favorite straps for the Rolex Polar Explorer II without including our famous Everest Curved End Rubber Straps! Want a simple, no fuss, always clean look? Our Everest Rubber is your best bet. We love this option because these straps repel just about anything, including UV, dust, water, stains, heat, cold, stretch, and are also chemical resistant. They’re essentially indestructible and what better option for this watch that was designed for spelunkers in the deep depths of caves. 

grey rubber Everest band on rolex explorer

 Our favorite color options for our rubber straps on the Explorer II are black and gray. While we have 6 color variations in general for these rubber straps, the black and grey help make the Explorer II extra stealthy. Want to see more pictures and all our color options? Head to our site, here to check them out today

What is your favorite option for the Rolex Explorer II 16570? Do you think we’ll see yet another reboot of this watch this year? Read our thoughts on it here!


Written By: KT Morales 

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