On the Good Ship Lollipop: The Three Best Watches With Lollipop Hands

lollipop hands

There’s something appealing about a circle. Perfectly symmetrical; one continuous line. Since watch dials are most often circular, it’s no surprise that lollipop hands look great on a dial. The shape of the hands echoes the dial shape by recreating it in miniature. It’s also easy to spot on a dial, providing a singular shape that catches the eye. There’s no question that lollipop hands enhance the smooth, sweeping motion of a mechanical seconds hand. If you’re looking for a watch feature that’s as sweet as candy, here are three of our favorite watches with lollipop hands.  


omega lollipop hands

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  1. The Omega Seamaster 

When it comes to lollipop hands, you can’t beat the Omega Seamaster for tradition and polish. Omega has been able to craft a circular hand with strong structural integrity, so issues with breakage or lume falling out haven’t plagued Omega’s lollipop hand. On an Omega, the circular indices work in harmony with a lollipop hand to make for a visually arresting dial. In blue, white, or black, it’s a work of art. The latest reference, redesigned in honor of the watch’s 25th anniversary in 2019, captured attention with a patterned ceramic dial, ceramic bezel, and caliber 8800. (As a refresher, that means it has a co-axial escapement, a silicon balance spring, and is anti-magnetic to 15,000 gauss.) 


tudor lollipop hands

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  1. A Vintage Favorite: The 76100 Tudor Submariner

Before Tudor switched over to its well-known snowflake hand, it used lollipop hands as it was transitioning away from Rolex’s Mercedes-style hand. Just a few references were blessed with lollipop hands during that transition, but the 76100 Tudor Submariner is the best example of it. Dials were available mostly in black, and the white circular lollipop hand provided a crisp contrast against the dark dial. It was produced for a short time in the 1980s with an ETA 2776 movement and the same oyster case as the 1680 Rolex Sub. The circular hand was prone to breakage, so it’s a treat to find one in good condition. On the vintage market, 76100 Tudor Submariners have a high resale value, so investing in one is a very smart move. This Submariner is a physical example of the brand differentiation that happened between Rolex and Tudor, so it’s a bit like having a piece of history on your wrist. Of course, it never hurts when that piece of history is also gorgeous. 


seiko lollipop hands

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  1. The Seiko SKX 

While it’s definitely an entry level watch, the Seiko SKX has a large following of dedicated fans, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a very cheap, very reliable diver with a time-tested movement. While it doesn’t have the design finesse of a Tudor or an Omega, it’s a well-designed watch that’s perfect for skiing, camping, or more active pursuits. Like Omega, it utilizes a circular lollipop seconds hand and circular indices. It’s worth picking up while you can, since Seiko sunsetted the SKX in October 2019 to focus on its Prospex line. 

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Written by Meghan Clark

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