Omega’s new releases for 2022 looks strong

Omega’s new releases for 2022 looks strong

Sea-master Omega Ultra Deep

With the release of the titanium Ultra Deep, multiple bright colors in the Aqua Terra, and new versions of the Speedmaster 57, the business people at Omega appear to be taking full advantage that Rolex cannot meet demand. In many ways, Omega makes technically better watches than Rolex, but not the same level of look and feel that Rolex offers. I’m wearing my Speedmaster Professional as I type this and I find myself enjoying Omega just as much Rolex in my collection. Consumers, hungry for a nice watch, can probably walk into an Omega AD and walk out with something he or she will be very happy with for decades.

The 38mm color choices

The 34mm color choices

Photos by Omega

Releasing the Aqua Terra in a range of bright colors was deservedly called out as a move to copy Rolex’s treatment of its Oyster Perpetual line in 2020. That’s a fair accusation, but offering a popular product in an assortment of bright colors is a safe bet for any product that serves primarily as a way to call attention to oneself. But with the Ultra Deep you get a technically masterful watch (rated to 6000 meters deep!) that is definitely rooted in Omega’s design for its Planet Ocean line, which remains one of my favorite series though I’ve never owned one. These large watches look nice and some folks (namely the Deepsea Sea-Dweller crowd) will enjoy strapping one on. At just over $12K, the ti version of this watch is a solid move for Omega to assert itself in the watch badassery contest.

The Aqua Terra has never been a watch that has drawn my attention because I am so satisfied with my white dial Oyster Perpetual, which, to me, looks smoother and warmer. Overall, I like the Aqua Terra and if I didn’t have an OP, I’d be in the market for a solid all-arounder like the AT, now available in 38mm with bright blue, green, silver, yellow orange and blood red. At $6,000, it’s superb with a unique dial finish. The Co-Axial 8800 movement is a very nice engine. I’m more drawn to the teak dial versions, but perhaps it was intentional on Omega’s part to simply reinvigorate the interest in the Aqua Terra line.

Omega Speedmaster 2022 releases

The addition of the new version of the Speedmaster 57 with a manual wind co-axial master chronometer movement at $8,600 adds to the tremendous roster that Omega is introducing this year. The steel bezel, sandwich dial and choice of black, blue, burgundy or green dial is going to make this a winner for those looking for a date complication and smaller case size when compared to the Speedmaster Professional.

It was great to see Omega really pull out all the stops for this year, truly delivering for a range of tastes. The new Aqua Terra models (available in 38mm and 34mm) is such a solid choice for someone looking for a daily wearer that has a lot of character and is truly unique to Omega’s design ethos.

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Green Omega Speedmaster 2022

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