Omega 2023 Predictions: Seamaster Diver 300M

Omega 2023 Predictions: Seamaster Diver 300M

In 2021, Omega released the new Speedmaster Professional. Alongside a significant movement upgrade, the Speedmaster received an entirely new bracelet: rounded links (similar to their 1969 “Nixon” bracelet), a generous taper (20mm to 15mm), and a modestly-sized clasp. In late 2022, Omega added a tooless micro-adjustment system, further perfecting the Speedmaster’s beloved new bracelet. If you read the title, you’ll know that this is not a Speedmaster article; I mention its redesign to provide contrast. Another watch in Omega’s catalog – the Seamaster Diver 300M – has kept the same general bracelet design since 1993. Aside from incremental changes, this untapered bracelet has stayed true to its sizable 1990’s roots. Could the watch’s 30th anniversary prompt a modernized redesign? What bracelet alternatives does Omega already offer? And what could a new Seamaster bracelet look like? 

The Current Omega Seamaster 300M Bracelet

 Omega Seamaster 300M on wrist

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In 2018, Omega released the fourth generation Seamaster 300M. It features the most up-to-date bracelet, which again, is visually congruent with every previous generation. The bracelet is five links wide: two (inner) polished and three brushed. The clasp features a toolless micro-adjustment system and a diver’s extension, providing solid functionality. However, the untapered 20mm width is a common complaint with this bracelet. The wide profile makes for a substantial presence all the way around the wrist. As with most watch-related things, bracelet design (taper, articulation, clasp functionality) is very subjective. If you love this bulky bracelet, more power to you. If you don’t, there’s no need to wait for a redesign. Omega already offers a few alternatives.

Omega’s Seamaster Bracelet Alternatives (NATO, Mesh)

Omega Seamaster 300M James Bond "007" editions

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The Omega Seamaster 300M is the brand’s flagship dive watch: best known for its appearances in decades of James Bond movies. Worn by both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, the Seamaster 300M has become a cultural icon beyond enthusiast circles. Curiously, none of the current James Bond edition Seamasters come on the standard bracelet. The “007” (pictured above) and “James Bond 60th Anniversary” editions are offered on nylon NATOs and/or flat-end metal mesh bracelets: both offered for individual sale. The standard bracelet’s omission from these releases is interesting, but doesn’t necessarily indicate an impending redesign or phase-out. That said, the watch’s 30th anniversary is certainly grounds for a refresh. 

Omega Seamaster 300M Predictions

First and fourth generation Omega Seamaster 300M

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The second, third, and fourth Seamaster 300M generations were spaced 6 years apart. A 2023 update would be one year shorter, but as we all know, watch brands love anniversaries. I predict that we will see a new Seamaster 300M this year, but given the model’s history, I’m not confident in any major changes. As I said in my Submariner prediction article, “this is where my confidence ends and my wishful thinking begins”. I hope to see a Seamaster 300M bracelet overhaul. A tapered, three-link, oyster-style bracelet – similar to that of Omega’s Planet Ocean line – would fit the Seamaster wonderfully. Perhaps Omega could offer the “original” untapered bracelet for individual sale, as they do with steel mesh and NATO options. A tapered bracelet would make this watch wearable for a lot more people – without even touching the case design. Is this change realistic? The attention given to the new Speedmaster's bracelet leads me to believe so, but the Seamaster 300M’s rigid history suggests otherwise. Only time will tell what Omega releases this year. If we see a redesigned Seamaster 300M, a tapered bracelet would be wonderful. A flush helium escape valve wouldn’t be too bad either.

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