Not All Watch Rolls Are Created Equal. See Why Everest's are By Far, The Best

Not All Watch Rolls Are Created Equal. See Why Everest's are By Far, The Best

Great workmanship, high quality leather, perfect protection for the watches. It's exactly what I wanted.

everest leather watch roll with two watches inside

Shown Above: Everest Leather Watch Roll in Heritage Brown. Notice the hand stitching, French painted edge, and thick Italian leather.

What is a Watch Roll?

A watch roll is a solid, rounded, and often leather-bound carrying case intended to store, protect, travel with, and display your watches. A watch roll often includes soft pillows or sliders to help secure your watches within the roll. However, not all watch rolls are created equally, and it is extremely important to purchase a watch roll that is of very high quality and one that has been designed and developed by seasoned experts in the watch industry. The Everest Watch Roll is by far, the best watch roll on the market for a variety of reasons.

green leather watch roll from everest bands

Shown Above: Everest Watch Roll in Crown Green. Notice the soft Swiss microfiber and hand stitched edge. 

What is the purpose of a watch roll?

The purpose of a watch roll is to store, protect, travel with, and even display your watches. Watch rolls can often come in different sizes, and materials and can usually accommodate between 1 and 5 watches.

Watch Rolls for Storage

Let’s start with storage: If you have a watch or watches, you don’t want to leave them lying around on the dresser or nightstand where they can get dusty, misplaced, scratched, or damaged. Storing your watches in a watch roll allows for you to always know where to find them, and allows you to know they will be clean and protected when you want to wear them. Everest’s watch rolls have a unique flat bottom that allows the roll to stay flat on a surface, ensuring it will not roll off a table. Because of the slender curvature of the rolls, Everest watch rolls can slide easily in and out of a safe, suitcase, briefcase, dresser drawer, or wherever else you store your watches.

flat bottom of the everest watch roll

Shown Above: Everest Watch Roll in Crown Green. Notice the perfectly flat bottom and ergonomic organic curvature.

However, not all watch rolls have an easy storage solution. Many watch rolls are filled with one size fits all, plush-filled pillows that are hard to manage, or even harder, one long log-shaped pillow that you have to slide all your watches on one by one. Trying to get a watch either on a bracelet or leather or rubber strap onto these fluffy pillows is harder than it looks. Oftentimes we drop the pillows while trying to maneuver, therefore dropping the watch. And, with the long log-shaped pillow you risk your watches bumping up on each other and scratching or damaging each other.

cork watch roll from everest bands

Shown Above: The Everest Watch Roll in Cork. Notice the sliding rail system, French painted edge, and sturdy construction.

The standard pillows on most watch rolls are also one size, and do not accommodate multiple wrist sizes. The Everest watch roll is unique in that it has sliding pillows that are compressible and adjustable to fit a wide variety of watch sizes and wrist sizes. These compressible pillows allow for an easy ability to store your watches and will not stretch out your bracelet by being too tight or putting too much pressure on your watch bracelet. When you are ready to remove your watch, you simply slide the pillow out of the individual sliding rail slot and back in securely when you are finished. People often describe their watches as "floating" within the Everest watch roll. This design is truly revolutionary and makes storing your watches so much easier, and safer.

everest bands sliding rail system on watch rolls

Shown Above: Everest Leather Watch Roll. Notice the detail on the sliding rail system that allows your watch to "float" within its individual cavity, protecting it from scratches or damage, and making it easy to remove when needed.

Watch Rolls for Protection

Next, it is important to protect your watches. Everest watch rolls are unique in that they are lined with thick and soft Swiss micro-fiber material, the same material used by several high end Swiss-Made watch brands. This material not only gently cleans your watches naturally while you sleep, but also ensures your watches will not endure any scratches whatsoever while inside the watch roll. Everest uses thick, supple whole grain Italian leather on the exterior, and a strong and solid interior construction to ensure that your watches won’t be crushed, smushed, or damaged during transit. Your watches will be incredibly secure inside of an Everest Watch Roll.

green watch roll with white interior from everest bands

Watch Rolls for Travel

Watch rolls make traveling with watches easy. Simply load up the roll, toss it in your suitcase, and you are good to go. The Everest watch roll is incredibly secure and due to the sliding rail system, your watches will not fall out or jostle around during transit. They will also not scratch each other as each watch is secure within its own, individual slot. Most Everest watch rolls fit easily into hotel safes and make for a simple and effective storage solution while traveling. 

Watch Rolls for Displaying 

The Everest Watch Roll is the best for displaying your watches for a few reasons. First, it was designed to have a completely flat bottom so the roll can serve as a handsome display on any dresser or surface. The thick full grain Italian Nappa leather exterior looks, smells, and feels incredibly posh while open or closed. The interior colors are soft, creamy, and neutral allowing watches of any color, size, or material to look fantastic.

blue leather watch roll for 3 watches from everest bands

What Makes Everest Watch Rolls The Best?

  • High Quality Materials– thick, real full-grain Italian Nappa leather, soft Swiss microfiber interior, solid construction. 
  • High Quality Finishing--hand stitched, bespoke french painted edge, thick cuts of full grain Italian Nappa leather, organic shape.
  • Sliding Rail System–individual "floating" cavity for each watch, easy to slide in and out, very secure within roll.
  • Flat bottom for gorgeous display options and safety.
  • Designed by watch collectors themselves.
  • From a company with over a decade of experience making Swiss-made watch straps and high end watch accessories.
  • Available in 1 slot, 2 slot, 3 slot, and 4 slot varieties. Available in Heritage BrownCrown GreenNavy BlueCork, and Espresso Brown.

heritage brown watch roll

Reviews of Everest Watch Rolls

A random sampling-- read all of Everest Watch Roll Reviews here.

Very high quality leather and provides superb watch protection. - Alex W

From my research and experience with the the bands I knew their watch roll would be a good product, but it honestly exceeded my expectations. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for making it better than it had to be. - Gabriel L. 

Top quality watch roll. I have seen and had many rolls but this is clearly the best, from the way it’s made to the quality of craftsmanship. - Carl H.

heritage brown watch roll from everest bands in 3 slot size

This is my third watch roll purchase from Everest, and I couldn’t be happier! I have two of the four watch rolls and just purchased the newly released single watch roll.

I’ve spend thousands in various watch rolls and trunks from other brands before I found Everest. Everest’s leather is genuine and the interior material is plush suede. 

You can smell the quality as soon as you remove the protective wrapping.

My favorite feature is how the pillows are compressible and fit my watches sized to my 6.5 inch wrist with ease. The compressible pillow allows my clasp and bracelet to “float”. The entire watch makes no contact with the interior allowing for full air cushion surround, which is excellent if you ever drop the roll allowing buffer room inside.

I’ve had my four watch roll on the edge of my bed and accidentally knocked it off and it fell about 4.5 feet. My heart sank, but absolutely no damage to the roll or watches! All in all, very pleased with the protection and quality.

everest watch roll in navy blue leather for two watches shown with rolex watches

Their price is very competitive in terms of the quality you receive, and especially when you compare to some of these designer/fashion brand rolls. Great bang for your buck here. - Issac

I absolutely love my new Everest Watch Roll in Heritage Brown. It's beautifully designed and perfectly functional. The leather is superior, and I especially like the removable cushions. They are so intuitive and easy to use. I am 100% happy with my purchase! - Richard J 

Excellent product, way above my expectations. -Brent M.

navy blue watch roll from everest bands in 2 slot size

Do not be fooled or allured by cheap knock-off watch rolls. Plenty of them exist for less expensive than Everest, but you get what you pay for. Be a discerning buyer and look closely at the construction, materials, and the finishings. Look at the company history and reputation. It will not take long for you to see that Everest watch rolls are far superior in every aspect.

If there are any remaining questions about Everest Watch Rolls feel free to ask in the comments, and we'd be more than happy to help! However, the only question should be, which color should I purchase first? 

Watch the Roll in action here. And view the entire collection all at once, here.


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