Three Reasons to Get your Hands on Everest’s Hot New Watch Roll

Three Reasons to Get your Hands on Everest’s Hot New Watch Roll

Everest Heritage Brown Leather

One of Everest’s hottest products in our watch accessory collection is our beautifully crafted watch rolls. Whenever we receive stock, they fly out the door, and the new leather watch roll that is going to join this group is the Heritage Brown leather watch roll (SPOILER ALERT - All of these images are from the brand new watch roll just released). And, it's now available for a short pre-order here! 

What makes this new Heritage Brown watch roll special?

First and foremost it is absolutely exquisite in every way. The Italian leather is soft, supple, and the most gorgeous shade of brown. It has a vintage and old-world feel to it, and the dark painted details around the edges really enhance the beauty and quality. 

Of course as with all Everest watch rolls, it has the integrated sliding rails system which allows you to easily and safely slide your watches in and out of the box. This is a significant enhancement compared to most watch rolls which use hard metals snaps that are difficult to connect and risk scratching your watch.

The buttery soft chocolate brown micro-fiber interior protects your watch and feel luxurious to the touch. Because the bottom of the watch roll is designed to sit perfectly flat, the watch roll can also be used as a display item on your dresser with no worries of it rolling away.

Check out these five-star reviews on other Everest watch rolls:

“Quality product - perfect home for nice watches.” - Macel M. 

“Arrived beautifully wrapped and I wasn’t disappointed with the 3 watch roll. The blue leather looked great and is made by craftsmen or women. The interior and the watch holders are great, securing each watch individually preventing any scratching from its neighbour. Somebody has put a lot of thought into this design including the flat bottom of the watch roll which prevents it rolling around. The watches look beautifully presented when the roll is opened. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you.” - Christopher J.

“Beautiful high-quality watch roll with soft rich leather. The interior also looks and feels luxurious. Each Watch pillow can be slid out and completely removed instead of removing the entire interior roll like some brands (Wolf). I have very small wrists and have struggled with the diameter of the interior roll being too large for my watches. No such problem with this watch roll. This is an expensive watch roll but worth every penny. The materials and craftsmanship are exquisite.” - Jason J.

“I just recently purchased the Everest watch roll that holds three watches. I am pleased with the sleek design. I have two watches that are a 44m and 45m, both fit great. If you are in the market for a watch roll and not sure what one to buy, get the Everest you won’t be disappointed.” - Kent R. 

Below are some reasons why you should purchase a watch roll, plus a lot more exclusive pics of the Everest Heritage Brown watch roll.

1. Protect Your Investment

Protect your watches in style while traveling in our watch roll. The watch roll includes space for up to 2, 3 or 4 watches with watch guards and a secure snap closure. Whether you’re traveling to and from work or hopping on a plane for a tropical vacation, the hard case will protect your watches you’ve invested in. The soft microfiber materials used on the inside and the pillows are both gentle on the delicate surface areas of your timepieces.  

The pillows are pliable and compress to fit any wrist size. Once slid into the watch pouch, the watches are secure. The watch roll is designed so you can very easily access your watches. So, if you’re ready to protect your treasured investment with this fast moving watch accessory, click here.

Heritage Brown Watch Roll

2. Highlight Your Treasures

Another reason to jump on this preorder, is that you can highlight your timepieces with its flat bottom on a hard surface - whether it's in your office or on your dresser. The Everest watch roll’s interior is the perfect backdrop for your esteemed timepieces. Place your watches where they deserve. 

Heritage Brown Pillow Watch Roll

3. Be Prepared for Any Occasion

Putting together the perfectly packed and organized travel bag is immensely satisfying, and if you’re traveling with your watch collection in tow, be sure to extend that satisfaction to your timepieces. A good watch roll or pouch should keep your watches safe and organized and be compact enough to fit in with the rest of your on-the-road gear – ready for your next adventure.Everest Watch Pillow



Heritage Brown Leather Everest

We know you will love the new addition to the Everest accessories lineup - the Heritage Brown watch roll. Travel with tradition with this beautifully crafted watch accessory. Or simply securely store multiple timepieces in the protective watch roll and be prepared for any occasion. Pre-order here in order to guarantee you will get one. Our watch rolls tend to sell out very, very quickly!

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