New Product Alert

New Product Alert

At Everest Bands, we’ve been working on a new project. And, that project is...nylon military style watch straps! These NATO-style watch straps have been released in two sizes - for 20mm lug widths and for 22mm lug widths.

These Everest watch straps are not only practical - as they are durable and waterproof, but allow you to express yourself. Additionally, as with all of Everest’s products, we have striven to design something above and beyond expectations. Durability yet comfort is always key, and these straps definitely have a silk-like feel to them.

everest nato watch strap

The watch straps feature seatbelt-like nylon material to create an incredibly strong and durable strap to protect your timepiece. With three keepers that are strategically incorporated, this strap will hold your watch and excess strap in place. Fitting watches with 20mm and 22mm lug widths (two of the most popular lug width measurements), we wanted to offer something to more than just Rolex, Tudor and Panerai owners. Plus, with thirteen sizing holes, the watch strap fits any wrist size.

Stitching throughout the strap, ensures your keepers stay in place. The keepers are stainless steel with a square design. In contrast, the curved stainless steel buckle features a wide tongue that mimics the keepers design and is screwed in for security. 

everest watch band

The watch straps are offered in black, gray, dark blue, khaki as well as a khaki and gray, Tiffany blue and gray and two James Bond featured combinations (black and gray and the vintage combination of black, green and red). 

everest watch strap

You can read more about how to install your strap on the product pages - here. But, to finish the donning on your wrist, there are actually three different approaches to manage the strap tail. The first approach is to simply tuck the tail of the strap under the keeper which is a clean look. Some people prefer this look because the strap sits lower. You would take this approach if you plan to wear your strap under a shirt cuff. The second way is to go over the first keeper and then tuck the strap tail under the second keeper. The third way - which is probably the least popular - is to tuck the tail between the two layers. 

everest watch band

Whichever way you choose, enjoy experimenting with different ways until you find what is most comfortable for you and which suits your personal style. WIth so many different colors to choose from to really compliment your watch type, you can’t go wrong. The best thing about these style straps is that they really do fit in anywhere - whether outside or in the workplace, the style is very versatile. 

If you’re interested in understanding more about NATO-style, military watch strap terminology, you can read more about the history of a NATO or military style watch band here.

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