My Experience with the Ice Blue Powermatic 80 Tissot PRX

My Experience with the Ice Blue Powermatic 80 Tissot PRX

It was pretty clear to watch enthusiasts -- and presumably Tissot themselves -- that soon after the PRX was launched, it would be a great success. Since its 2021 release, there have been many updates to the lineup: different sizes, dial colors, case finishes, etc. Soon enough, everyone who wanted one had one -- and for good reason! With its elegant integrated bracelet look, waffle dial (on the automatic versions) and build quality, the Tissot PRX really is the full package.

My Experience With The Tissot PRX

My brother and many of my friends got PRXs of various configurations: navy blue, white, black, quartz, Powermatic 80, etc. I wanted one too, but I needed it to be different. For a long time, I was hung up on the Powermatic 80 with the white dial and rose gold bezel, however, my fear was that the rose gold would slowly fade through wear and tear. Then, as luck would have it, I found a few images circulating online of an ice blue dial. This was around the end of February, 2023. A quick check on Tissot’s website told me that this watch was nothing more than a digital render created by a fan. No more than a week later, in early March 2023, the ice blue dial Powermatic 80 PRX was released and I knew there and then it was a must-have.

PRX Ice blue dial in sun

Source: @Simply_Wrist_Watches on Instagram

Once I knew the watch actually existed, I went to every shop I could find that retailed Tissot, but none of them had the ice blue PRX, or even knew if they would get one. Soon after, I was traveling to Manchester to meet a good friend of mine. I got off the train and passed through the shopping center, hoping I might see one, but knowing there was about a 1% chance that I would. I wasn’t wrong: I stood there looking at PRX models without an ice blue dial in sight. I was about to leave when I saw one of the SAs approaching the window with a few boxes. I thought to myself ‘imagine if it's the ice blue PRX’. To my surprise, it was! I was in the shop asking to try it on within milliseconds.

PRX ice blue dial with suit

Source: @Simply_Wrist_Watches on Instagram

I sat there with a lovely SA talking about the watch for around 30 minutes. In that time, 4 people came into the store asking to buy it, but the shop told them that whilst I was looking at the watch, they couldn't offer it. As soon as I realized that this watch would be gone in seconds, I knew I had to buy it then and there. Still, I had a slight internal conflict.

Money wasn’t the issue for this piece, the problem lied in its significance. I planned on buying the watch to celebrate completing my masters in September and, hopefully, starting a new job. I really wanted the watch, but I also wanted it to mark the completion of two accomplishments that were still ongoing. The SA pointed out that, if I bought it then and there, I would have no choice but to compete my masters and get the job. If I didn’t do both of those things, she said I should return it, making sure not to scratch it in the meantime. At the end of the day, I knew it would be difficult to find another one come September. Needless to say, I bought the watch. PRX ice blue dial in Everest Watch Roll

Source: @Simply_Wrist_Watches on Instagram

A few months later in June, I passed my masters and got the job. The feeling of wearing that ice blue PRX was incredible; it will always be a watch that I treasure. The SA was right: I hadn’t seen another ice blue dial in any of the shops nearby, so I’m very glad I bought it then and there. It also acted as a good source of motivation. The PRX wears very comfortably and looks as great in a suit as it does in shorts and T-shirt. The versatility of this watch is what I love about it so much. The ice blue dial color ensures that you don't have to worry about colors clashing. So, if you’re considering a PRX and are not sure which one to go with, my recommendation is the ice blue waffle dial in either 40mm or 35mm. The color is beautiful and it goes with everything -- you can't go wrong with this beautiful timepiece. 

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