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Mondani Web

You’ve seen their books. You may even have a few on your book shelf if you’re a Rolex/ Patek/ Tudor / Panerai – or even an Omega Speedmaster nerd. And make no mistake, Mondani Editore and the father-daughter duo of Guido and Giorgia Mondani, with spousal help from Franca Mondani and Daniele Di Murro, respectively, will keep publishing their large scale reference books.

But they’ve also begun a new project: Mondani Web.

Mondani Web

But before we get into that, let’s back up. Guido Mondani, the family patriarch and a long-time book editor, is also a long-time Rolex collector. He began his collection in 1986. Along the way, he noticed a lack of reference information about his favorite subject – Rolex watches.

Not to be deterred, he started his own publishing company, the aforementioned Mondani Editore, to solve the problem. In fact, we wrote about them here back in January.

And now, Giorgia and her husband Daniele have started their own branch of the family business. That’s Mondani Web.

A few years back, Daniele had started the Rolex Passion page on Facebook. Daniele did it so well the page grew to over 500,000 followers! And between the Mondanis, their total Instagram following is over 300,000.

Along the way, they’d gotten to know a worldwide network of new and pre-owned watch dealers. Giorgia and Daniele thought about their massive social media following and figured they could offer those dealers visibility on a scale not seen before. Mondani Web and its website,, pull all of that together.

So you’ll see images from Mondani Web partners on all those various social media outlets as well as the website itself. That’s the real value to a partner – the exposure to potential buyers worldwide.

In Giorgia’s own words, “Mondani Web was created with the same passion that my father Guido created Mondani Editore many years ago. There is the same seriousness and care of the client, the same attention to details, the same goal to make our clients happy.”

And how does Mondani Web work? For buyers, there is no fee to purchase through Mondani Web.

For partners, is the final element of the Mondani’s project. It builds on and ties together the social media elements mentioned earlier. Those interested in becoming partners can chose from four levels: Social, Market, Prince, and King.

At the Social level, a partner gains exposure in the Mondani Web social media. Their profiles get a boost and they get promoted to over a million Instagram and Facebook followers.

At the Market level, a partner gets a store in the Mondani Web online marketplace. This store’s capacity is 50 products, five pictures per product, and the partner gets personalized assistance from Giorgia. They also have personal contact with potential clients.

The Prince level is effectively a combination of the Social and Market levels, with the marketplace online store and social profile boost & that huge social media visibility.

The King level combines the benefits of the lower levels and adds the partner’s products in the Mondani Web newsletter, plus advertising campaigns giving their watches a boost.

When we asked Giorgia about the benefits of Mondani Web, she responded, “What we give is unique: social media, quality of the potential buyers, seriousness of dealers, direct contact with me, personal care of every single request. Furthermore, every dealer will be in direct contact with the potential buyer; this way they create important and long term relations.”

Then we asked her if just anybody can become a Mondani Web partner. Giorgia’s response to that question was, “With our name we have the knowledge to guarantee the quality of our dealers who advertise with us. If they are not reliable, they cannot be part of the projects.” [Ed. note: Everest Horology Products is a proud partner of Mondani Web.]

So if you’re a collector looking for a particular watch, visit and follow them on social media to see a wide selection.

If you’re a dealer wanting to discover more about becoming a Mondani Web partner, the best way to do that is to contact Giorgia to express your interest and curiosity.


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