Max Wilsdorf: Maybe The Perfect Cleaning Kit For Watch Guys

Max Wilsdorf: Maybe The Perfect Cleaning Kit For Watch Guys

Have you ever wanted to clean your watch, but just weren’t sure either how to do it or if you were going to possibly damage it in the process? The team at Max Wilsdorf had the same issue and wanted to come to market with a complete system to help clean their watch. Frankly, you're going to be surprised with our findings. 

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We don’t cover other companies' products, unless we are in love with them. We aren’t here to bash an idea that we don’t like. It is not in good taste, and we live by the rule that if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it. We love watches, so we cover Rolex, Tudor, Patek, MONTA, Panerai, etc. but we only cover the models we LOVE. So, when a watch cleaning product comes on the market we test them all. We don’t like all of them, as a matter of fact we think most of them are not good, most simply are gimmicks. However, the ChronoPen from Max Wilsdorf just crushed it. 

I was traveling in Switzerland this past week for Everest and MONTA. We are getting ready to release a lot of new ideas, but that is for another article. While I was in Switzerland, I received a message from Saïd, one of the founders of Max Wilsdorf on my personal Instagram account. He had seen I was in Zurich and suggested we meet for breakfast the morning before I left. I had seen the product on Instagram and the ChronoPen seemed like an interesting idea.  I just had not gotten around to getting a bottle for personal review. I figured I would purchase a bottle directly from him and bring it home with me. What I did not know was that Saïd was an Everest band owner for his Sea-Dweller 43 (super killer watch), and that he was a huge fan of our brand. It really is amazing how the watch world is smaller than you think it is. I felt so blessed that our brand, Everest, may have inspired another person to follow their dreams, even just a little bit. That is why we do what we do here, share our passion for watches and for life. 

Max Wilsdorf Cleaning ChronoPen

When I arrived at the restaurant I was met by all three of the founders of Max Wilsdorf. They explained the story of the brand and that they wanted to create a fully Swiss Made product that fulfilled a need for watch lovers. This passion is the same passion that we have here at Everest. It drives us everyday to do better. I felt I had met our kind of people and I was intrigued. They felt a cleaning product for watch owners was quite lacking previously and they also knew that they would really need to step up their game if they were going to make this a long-term thing. 

They spent months developing the cleaning solution and worked with a Swiss chemicals company that truly knew what they were doing. They poured over the brush tip softness, the packaging design, even there was great debate about the drying cloth and how it had to be as perfect as they could make it. A real labor of love for their first product. After it was all done, this writer thinks they may have come up with the perfect way to wash your watch, period. They told me of some future collaborations and expect big things from this small team of driven individuals. 

before and after max wilsdorf chronopen

Now I know what you're thinking. $62.00 for a bottle of watch cleaner? This must be a joke, but you're wrong. I am sure you are inspired by their passion, but most of us use an old toothbrush and some hand soap to clean our watch. Maybe we buy other cheaper solutions to keep our watches clean but what is in those cleaning solutions? Max Wilsdorf’s Swiss chemist group developed their solution to clean away oils, grit, dead skin, and other destructive buildup while being safe for human use and leave the watch perfectly clean, spotless and shiny. Plus, they mix and bottle the solution in Switzerland to ensure it is at the highest level of production standards. 

Do you know that daily use of your watch could cause buildup of bacteria, dead skin cells, oils and other contaminants if not properly cleaned? By properly cleaning your case and bracelet you are extending your watch's life for the next generation. While not only taking care of your watch and extending its life, you are also reducing the toxins and bacteria that build up on your watch case and bracelet (which is just a darn good idea for your own self care). So, ask yourself this - would you rather invest $62.00 now or possibly thousands later? I know what I prefer. 

Time to talk product. The product is all self contained in a sleek bottle that has a pump system that releases the solution through the brush head. The brush is very soft and obviously designed to not scratch highly polished surfaces. When you want to use the ChronoPen, all you need to do is get the watch wet with some fresh water then push the pump button a few times while aiming the brush head at your watch. Once the cleaning solution is on the metallic case and bracelet, start scrubbing the watch with the ChronoPen’s soft scrubbing head. Clean all of the way around the watch case and bracelet. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the watch, just rinse it in the sink and use the drying cloth that comes with the system. It’s that easy. 

One item I would suggest to the team at Max Wilsdorf is to offer additionally a cleaning cloth similar to Everest’s. It would be a great way for the watch owner to do a brief cleaning in between ChronoPen cleanings. But honestly, other than that we can’t find anything else to mention. Also one should note that this cleaning solution is not for a leather strap. So, you will need to remove your leather strap if that is the choice bracelet for your favorite watch. The good news is that our rubber straps are completely safe to use with the ChronoPen, and it came out looking beautiful after I used the system personally on my GMT Ceramic’s rubber tang buckle strap from Everest. 

So, if you are in the market for a watch cleaning system, look no further than the ChronoPen, from Max Wilsdorf. You will thank me for it!

If you are in America, you can purchase these cleaning kits here at Uncrate. They offer free shipping to the USA with a purchase of $99 or more, and a standard flat rate for anything under that. Enjoy!


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