Leaked images of Rolex 2021 releases

Leaked images of Rolex 2021 releases

Over the last fourteen months we have all had a lot more time on our hands. For watch folk like us we have had a lot more time to daydream about what Rolex (and Tudor...and Panerai...and Patek…) could release in 2021. Every year around this time, there was a tradeshow called Baselworld, where Rolex, Patek, Tag, Oris and even Everest would release something quite new. There would be incredible speculation the weeks before and for the second time, Everest believes they have gotten their hands on some secret photos of Rolex watches that will be coming in 2021. Now, let us be clear about these images and our relationship with Rolex and other major brands - we are not connected in any way other than having a serious passion for them. These images are not ours and they are from pretty respected sources on Instagram. Also to note, this article is being written and published the day before Rolex and other brands release their new offerings - so let’s see if our sources are any good.

2021 Rolex GMT on Oyster bracelet

Rolex Predictions: Batman back on Oyster Bracelet

First up, the Batman is back on an oyster bracelet!!!!!!!! If this is to be true, our prayers have been answered from up above. This seems like a very intelligent move by Rolex. The watch guys, authorized dealers and anyone really who loves watches has been wanting this watch back on Oyster. Our big hope would be that they also have a Pepsi in the fridge with an oyster wrapped around it.

Rolex Daytona Meteorite Dial on Oysterflex

Rolex Predictions: Meteorite Dial Daytona

Meteorite seems like it is being used again on Rolex dials, as in 2019 we saw a GMT show up with a Meteorite dial. If we were to travel back in time Rolex at one point made a Daytona with a Meteorite dial that was offered on an alligator strap. They have decided to bring the Daytona back on an Oysterfelx rubber this year!

Rolex Sky-dweller on jubilee

Rolex Predictions: Sky-Dweller on Jubliee

The Sky-Dweller in 2020 showed up with some new shoes. Rolex did away with the Alligator offerings and rolled it out on an Oysterflex rubber strap. This year we believe they are going to release it on a Jubilee bracelet and it looks like it could come in steel and two-tone. Keep it classy San Diego.

Rolex Sky-dweller on jubilee

These next few images are not taken from what looks like a 2021 Rolex catalog. They do however look pretty perfect. We saw these on Instagram and they were circulating today and the renderings seemed a little too perfect. 

rolex explorer I 2021 release

Rolex Predictions: Rolex Explorer 36mm

What seems like a strange move but we love it, is the Explorer 39mm is going to have a baby brother. We have heard this from a few sources that the Explorer is also going to be offered in a 36mm case size. Since a previous generation was also offering in 36mm this makes a lot of sense. We also have strong reason to believe that this will be released in two-tone. Even though the trend of Rolexes seems like it increasing in size, sometimes they just throw a curveball at you. Also, we are totally about size-inclusivity. Big or small, you do you!

Rolex Explorer II with Ceramic Bezel

Rolex Predictions: Explorer II with Ceramic Bezel

Explorer II may come with a ceramic bezel. If this is true it will rocket ship this watch to everyone’s birthday wish. Let’s be clear, this is needed in our lives. I know we all wanted a Daytona back in 2017, but when they dropped it with a ceramic bezel our heads exploded and it became everyone’s grail watch. So, if Rolex does this modification I am pretty sure it will do the same.

Tudor GMT Coke 2021 release

Rolex (Tudor) Predictions: Tudor Coke

This writer (and CEO) loves Tudor. I have a huge passion for Tudor watches and it is the watch brand that started it all for me. So, I have to believe we are going to see a new Tudor Black Bay GMT. The Pepsi has been around for a few years, and let me tell you it is great. However, Tudor dropped a video of two clouds of smoke shooting at each other, one being red and the other being black. Maybe we could get a Coke bezel out of the famed Swiss brand this year?

In conclusion, we are not sure about any of these images or if any of these watches will be released. However, Wikileaks is a thing and last year it seemed that the internet was able to sneak its way into Rolexes vault and snap some quick pics. Maybe lighting will strike twice? Also, check back tomorrow to see if our sources were right.

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