Join The #WristShotBattle For A Chance To Win Exclusive Prizes And Ultimate Bragging Rights

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Do you like to win? Do you want to make the world a better place? Would you like to be admired by people across social media? Then, you need to compete in the #wristshotbattle. Need inspiration? Check out our Instagram page here.

Everest has put out a challenge to all you watch lovers across the internet. This is your chance to show off your elite wrist game. People will be pulling out all the stops to win this thing so you better bring your A game.

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Image Source @the_watchdelorian

The #wristshotbattle initially began as a friendly challenge among peers on Instagram by the official Everest Bands page. The summer may be over now but your wrist should be cool all year round, and Everest is going to take care of you if you have what it takes.

The challenge is easy. Simply take the best picture of your wrist adorned with an Everest band attached to the most beautiful watch you own, then post it online with the hashtag #wristhotbattle. The winner will be chosen based on the amount of likes and comments they get on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.

This way we know that your popularity is legitimate if you can rack up both likes and comments across three different social platforms. So if you don’t already have people salivating over your wrist selfies, get your friends to join in – especially since it’s for a good cause.

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You see, the winner of the #wristshotbattle won’t just receive bragging rights and a shoutout, Everest will donate $100 to one of 10 charities they support. So regardless of who wins, those in need will benefit.

Of course there will be something in it for you as well. The winner will also be given an exclusive, never before released band straight from the Everest vault.

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Image Source @todayonthewrist

Not only will you have the best wrist game on social media, you’ll also be able to take your wrist selfies up a notch with an Everest exclusive.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, take your best wrist shot, and throw your hat in the ring.  

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