Introducing American Watch Wednesday

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Today we’re introducing a new series here on the Everest Journal – American Watch Wednesday. And the title means just what it says. Each week we’ll go exploring American watch brands past and present – and future.

We’ll take a look at venerable old brands now only found in antique stores. Brands like Elgin, Waltham, and Illinois. We’ll take a look at current brands now offshore that once were American companies like Hamilton and Bulova.

We’ll dig deeper into the likes of newcomers like Niall, Oak and Oscar, and Stevral, which we touched on last week. And we’ll look at emerging brands like Martinero, Shinola, Weiss, Detroit Watch, and Xetum.

We’ll be profiling the numerous Kickstarter-fueled brands like Anstead and Padron, and boutique homage brands like MK II.

And how can we even talk American watch brands without mentioning the high end of the spectrum and brands like RGM, Kobold, and Keyton Myrick?

If you don’t recognize some of these names now, you may soon. These guys have big plans, and we’ll track them here at the Everest Journal.

We’ll be looking at a single brand each week. So if you’re the kind of guy who likes to buy American, stay tuned. We’ve got just what the American Guy ordered!

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