Introducing a Petite Panerai? Not Quite

Introducing a Petite Panerai? Not Quite

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It’s a whole new world for watch collectors with smaller wrists. 2021 has presented a bevy of options for inclusive sizing. Case and dial sizes are shrinking, and we’re definitely on board. In fact, we recently started offering a shorter strap option so that we can provide a better fit for even more buyers. We bid goodbye to extra tongue length to make your IG wrist shots look even better, and our deployant styles will fit smaller wrists even more effectively. Check them out here!

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A Panerai for the Rest of Us 

Panerai is one of those brands that people with smaller wrists sometimes immediately disregard. Conventional wisdom holds that if you don’t have a huge wrist, a 47 mm Panerai won’t look right on you. We personally disagree with that statement, but there’s no denying that Panerai cuts a pretty imposing profile on the wrist. 

Perhaps noticing the sea change in case sizes, Panerai has now released a 42mm Bronzo -- the popular bronze tool watch that’s famous for its case metal and for its massive case size. Part of this change is also just a natural pendulum swing away from the big dials of the early and mid-2000s. In 2021, larger dials can feel dated and unwieldy. However, there will always be a place for large-dialed watches. Some days, only a Panerai can match your swagger, and for those days we highly recommend the 2021 Panerai Submersible Bronzo Blue Abisso.

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The Bronzo With All The Best Bits  

What does a streamlined Bronzo look and feel like? It’s a watch that takes all the best parts of the Bronzo -- the case material, unmistakable design, and unforgettable crown protector -- and scales them down for a watch that’s imposing but not beefy. Even folks who don’t normally go for Panerai may find themselves drawn to the crisp matte blue dial on this model. It’s also got a titanium caseback fitted with sapphire glass, to keep the P.900 in-house movement visible and water resistant to 300 meters. (Sapphire case backs are becoming more and more common on tool watches, a trend we’re watching with interest.) It has a three-day power reserve, an Incabloc anti-shock device, a seconds dial at 9 o’clock and the date at 3 o’clock.     

The appeal of this watch lies in the history that can accrue in the form of patina on the bronze. The prior version of the Bronzo actually had a ceramic bezel, meaning that only the case body and lugs would develop a patina. Wisely, Panerai brings back a fully bronze anti-clockwise rotating bezel on the 2021 Panerai Bronzo, providing even more surface area to develop a unique patina. That makes this hugely appealing to collectors. However, Panerai is only releasing 1000 pieces to the market, so they’re not going to be easy to obtain.

panerai bronzo blue 42mm 2021

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Here’s our final analysis on this new watch. Overall, we love the inclusivity that this new Bronzo provides.  If you’re a Panerai completist (Paneristi completisti?) this piece is definitely worth adding to your collection. If you’re ready for a little experimentation, investing in the most iconic bronze watch isn’t a bad move.  

Everest Makes Straps for Panerai

panerai on everest rubber strap

In addition to our carefully-designed, highly-rated aftermarket straps for Rolex and Tudor, we’re proud to offer a line of Panerai aftermarket straps. Panerai owners value striking design, and we’ve created a strap that provides an alternative to Panerai’s suede, fabric, and metal bracelets.  


By: Meghan Clark

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