Instagram: Social Media Drug of Choice for Watch Nerds

Instagram: Social Media Drug of Choice for Watch Nerds



So let us pause a moment. Watches are, above all, a visual product. After all, one typically LOOKS at a watch in order to know the time. And what’s the point of all the beautiful aesthetics (polished metals, enameled dials, colored leather and rubber straps, even the lume) if you can’t see the thing.

watch anish black rolex

So, photos are the language of WISs (watch idiot savants. You know… nerds).

And how does social media handle that? Well, Twitter can do photos (I never quite figured out how), and so can Facebook. Vine and Snapchat are all about short videos. That’s like a long photo. But I heard no one over 24 is allowed onto Snapchat. Pinterest seems to be the domain of interior design and recipes. Google Plus? More like Google Minus, and it sounds like it’s going away or morphing into something yet to be determined.

So what’s a WIS to do? Turn to Instagram, of course. The smartphone-specific app that is literally a river of photos. Comments are enabled, and videos too. But really, the images are the thing.

 @craniotes craniotes watch redbar rolex

No less authorities than Adam Craniotes of Red Bar fame (more on Adam and Red Bar in a future post), Spanish Rob, WatchAnish, and other noted personages in the WIS community advocate Instagram. It’s the way the cool kids look at each others’ latest ‘objet d’amour,’ and praise the good judgment shown in acquiring said ‘objet.’


And just who should you be following on “Insta?” Here are a few recommendations to start you off.


Adam Craniotes, Mr. Red Bar.


Jason Heaton, if you like adventure, with watches and gear sprinkled on top.


Anish Bhatt, if you prefer Italian supercars photobombing your watch photos.


Robert Velasquez, the infamous Spanish Rob, also a Red Bar personage.


Andrew Lee, one of the instigators of the LA Watch Gang (the original Left Coast RedBar franchise.


Tania, ‘cause it ain’t all guys, guys. Besides there’s the Red Bar thing again.


Horologyandtechnology, because we all need to update our PC with his pics.


Doc Kicktock, an instigator of the popular #headtoheadcopycat phenomenon.


Scotch Trooper, single malt scotch whiskey with a side of tongue-in-cheek.


Hodinkee, because, well, Hodinkee.


Gear Patrol, because you’re a guy and guys like gear.


And of course… us! Because we here at Everest know a lot of watch guys. You can find them through us.

everest watch band strap instragram

One final caveat. Make sure you beef up your data plan when you sign up. Insta eats data like kids eat candy on Halloween – with similar results if you’re not prepared.


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