Illuminating Our Horizons

Illuminating Our Horizons

Everest has always been focused on finding the balance between comfort and style in our watch straps. Over the years, we have worked hard to enhance the design of our original straps, as well as to ensure they are durable enough to handle an active lifestyle while also providing extreme comfort. We have always made it a priority to listen to our customers’ needs, and after hearing your ideas, we believe we have refined these desirable qualities in our straps for Rolex and Tudor models, and in turn, we are very excited to announce a new line of straps to the Everest Family - Straps for Panerai!

We know our Panerai owners love their interchangeable straps! Our new line of straps for Panerai will be compatible with Luminor 44mm models including the PAM111, PAM112, PAM000, PAM510, PAM560, etc. (excluding the 1950 Luminor case models). 

leather watch band panerai

Now you may be asking, “Why release straps for Panerai when they already offer a multitude of their own replacement options?” The straight end straps Panerai has released for their products leave a gap between the case and strap which can cause the watch to look segmented.

leather watch strap panerai

Our Curved End Rubber and Leather straps offer a seamless transition from band to case for a comfortable and more finished look. 

rubber panerai luminor belt

Our Curved End Rubber Straps with Tang Buckle for Panerai Luminor (EH18) are Swiss Made with vulcanized rubber, which is UV, dust, water, stain, heat, cold, stretch, tear, and chemical resistant. This strap is durable, but also offers a soft and supple finish which is very comfortable on the wrist. 

A strong and permanent hardened insert is embedded in the rubber at the connection point to ensure there is no gapping between the band and case. In addition, this strap offers a defined “mohawk” down the upper ridge of the band, reinforced pin buckle holes, and a channeling system on the underside of the strap to help wick away sweat and water.

Unlike our previous straps which taper down to the buckle, our straps for Panerai maintain their width throughout the band to offer strong support to the military/diver feel of the Luminor. These Rubber Straps will be offered in either a standard Black, or an Army Green.

everest panerai rubber strap

We are also releasing a Curved End Leather strap with Tang Buckle for Panerai Luminor (EH17) as well! This strap is made of Swiss-Made, environmentally friendly, chemical-free, Italian vegetable-tanned leather. The soft, hypoallergenic leather lining on the underside makes for a very comfortable feel on the wrist. 

leather panerai luminor watch

Our Leather straps offer some of the same features as the Rubber, maintaining the width of the band to offer support throughout, as well as the hardened insert to ensure there will be no gapping from your watch. The Tang Buckle for both the Rubber and Leather straps is a 316L stainless steel screw-style buckle and will be offered in either a brushed or polished finish. 

leather watch strap panerai

Our Leather straps will be offered in multiple colors: Saddle Tan, Brown Alligator Embossed, Chestnut Brown, Praline, & Black w/White contrast stitching. One of our favorite characteristics of these vegetable-tanned Leather straps is that they will patina over time, meaning that the more you wear them, the more the colors will mature, creating beautiful new tones in the leather that you can enjoy for years to come. 

panerai luminor marina

We are so excited to be offering these two new lines for our Panerai watch friends! Feel free to share your wrist shots and photos with us with #everestbands - we can’t wait to see all your combinations. As always, you are welcome to reach out to us with any feedback or questions you may have! We are here for you, #watchfam.

panerai luminor marina

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