If You Own A Rolex You Need An Everest Tool Set

If You Own A Rolex You Need An Everest Tool Set

As a proud Rolex owner, it’s obvious that you’re going to need to take care of your beautiful little investment. As amazing as these watches are, they are in fact not invulnerable to damage. General wear and scratches are to be expected if you’re a dedicated watch owner, at least until Rolex develops some kind of super watch that cleans itself and can deflect bullets.


In the meantime you’re going to have to be responsible if you want to continue being one of the coolest people in every room you go in because you happen to be wearing the greatest watch brand on planet Earth. Outside of cleaning your Rolex, it will also be necessary to be able to properly size your watch. I’m what you’d call an enthusiast, so when I’m out and about, I like to look for people that also happen to be proudly sporting a Rolex.

However, what irks me is that I’ll often see people with their watch strap not adjusted correctly. The clasp will be too far on one side or another, or with the links cantilevering over the hinge of the clasp, which creates a criminally ugly crease in the bracelet.

Watch strap tool


In order to remove a bracelet for cleaning, make band adjustments, or install a band/bracelet, you’re going to need tools. Fortunately Everest has the perfect tool set for your needs as a Rolex owner.

The star of this Everest tool set is the multi-use-Spring bar tool, which is compatible with every kind of Rolex case, spring bar, and Everest band. It’s easily one of the best spring bar tools in the world. It boasts multiple spring bar heads that are both interchangeable and replaceable, plus features a blasted finish so your tool won’t slip while you’re installing straps and bracelets. All custom made by the Everest Staff with care and their signature standard of excellence.

Tool kit


The tool set also includes a precision screw driver for your Rolex Oyster links, as well as your Rolex and Everest buckles. It’s got a removable 1.6mm tip as well as a grooved barrel and rotating head, which makes the installation/removal of screws a breeze.

If you’re a serious Rolex owner, then you need a serious tool set. Give Everest a shot and you won’t be disappointed. You can find the Everest Tool Set here so you can adjust your Rolex like a pro.

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