If you had your pick of any current model Rolex sport watch...

If you had your pick of any current model Rolex sport watch...

So in an imaginary world, you can walk into your Rolex authorized dealer, pick the current lineup watch of your choice, which would you pick. Here are my top three picks and why:

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Submariner 126610LV: The new Kermit, or Starbucks as some are calling it, is a modern update to the 50th Anniversary Submariner, one of my favorite Rolex models of all time. The original has the Maxi dial and retains the slimmer lugs of the five digit series case. The new version adds a ceramic bezel insert, new 70-hour power reserve 3235 movement and a 41mm case that wears similarly to the rest of the modern Submariner lineup. While some prefer the green dial and green bezel combination of the Hulk, the 126610LV offers a black dial with green bezel which is more suitable for my personal style. The pop of green is just enough color to showcase the dial details. Why not a ceramic Daytona or GMT-Master, two of the hottest watches on earth? The reason is the simple functionality of the Submariner, date window, rotating bezel for timing, is all I’ll need for 90 percent of the time I have a watch on. As much as I wish to be a frequent traveler, the truth of the matter is that I am not often in a different time zone and the complication of the GMT or chronograph complication makes it unnecessary. Priced at just under $10K retail, the new Submariner offers a solid buy for the money in the watch collecting world.


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Explorer 124270: Perhaps the simplest watch in the new batch of Rolex releases, the new Explorer I returns to the model’s original 36mm case, which I feel is the right proportions for the design of this watch. With the modern updates, a Easylink clasp for 5mm on-the-fly adjustments and an anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystal, make this new iteration of a beautiful watch even better. The Explorer I doesn’t have many features in a time-only configuration and that’s exactly why it is one of my top choices for picks within the 2021 Rolex models. It’s an instant classic at $6,450.

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Oyster Perpetual 36 in yellow dial: I already own an Oyster Perpetual, in white dial and 39mm case, but the colorful new dials of the new generation are very hard to resist. The yellow dial, in my opinion, is the most striking of the new colorways, and I’d go with the medium-sized case to fit in with my current collection. If you can’t tell already I value simplicity in my collection and the time-only and robust nature of the Oyster Perpetual is right up my alley. At $5,600, the 36mm Oyster Perpetual is my bet for the best watch purchase for feature to price ratio.

While many Rolex aficionados would probably opt for a model with more features than my selections for this fantasy scenario, I'll stick with the reality of my lifestyle and personal style. Simple watches simply add to the enjoyment of ownership for me. What are your picks in this fun exercise in watch shopping?

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