If Rolexes Were Investment Bankers...

If Rolexes Were Investment Bankers...

What if Rolex watches were investment bankers on Wall Street? Which watch would be the intern, the associate, the VP, the CFO? Or better yet, which watch might the people in each echelon of the wall street hierarchy wear? Inspired by a post on instagram from our pal and Everest Bands wearer, @ilikerolexes we decided to share his vision of what it would be like if Rolexes were investment bankers on Wall Street. We added our own twist as well. Enjoy our analysis and see if you agree or disagree with each one!

The Intern: Rolex Submariner 

rolex submariner on black rubber strap

Photo Cred: @rolexdiver Instagram

The Sub is a classic Rolex in every way and the perfect pairing for a Intern who maybe got the watch as a gift from family or perhaps used their sign on bonus to purchase one for themselves. Paired with a black rubber strap from Everest bands, it's a perfect look for the Wall Street newbie.

The Investment Analyst: Rolex Explorer II

rolex explorer 2 on black rubber strap

We can totally see an Investment Analyst rocking the Rolex Explorer 2 while researching and analyzing assets. That crisp polar dial will help with visibility after spending too much time starting at screens analyzing bonds, stocks, commodities, and currencies. The black rubber strap is classic, elegant, and can go from Wall Street, to dinner on the upper East Side, to paddle-boating at Central Park with ease.

The Associate: Rolex GMT Pepsi

Rolex Pepsi and Rolex Oyster Perpetual in everest watch roll

We like the idea of the Rolex GMT Pepsi on jubilee bracelet for a Wall Street Associate. We can see them tucking this beauty into an Everest Watch Roll at night and feeling a sense of calm after a very long day of interacting with clients and smoothing things over. In a world where everything is stressful, at least you know your watch is protected nicely at the end of the day.

The VP:  Rolex GMT Master II in Gold with Green Dial

rolex gmt master in gold with green dial

By the time you reach VP status on Wall Street you tend to have the kind of money to spend on precious metal Rolex watches. You've also probably been around long enough to remember when this now discontinued beauty existed. The green rubber strap says I have VP money, but I still want to keep my all gold bracelet in mint condition in case things go south and I need to sell.

Senior VP:  Rolex Daytona with White Dial

rolex daytona on perforated leather racing strap

In addition to being obsessed with coveting the unobtainable Rolex models such as the Rolex Daytona, an SVP probably also has an affinity for fast cars and luxury. Pairing your Rolex Daytona with a curved end perforated leather racing strap helps combine your passions, and show off your personality, while putting in the hours at the office.

4 rolex daytonas in an everest watch roll

We also imagine by the time you've reached SVP level you probably have more than one Rolex Daytona in your collection. Storing these beauties in an Everest watch roll is the best way to protect your assets.

CFO: Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona with Green Dial 

2 gold rolex daytonas with green dials

Photo Cred: @ilikerolexes Instagram

When you've made it to CFO stratosphere of Wall Street, you'll be grateful for your strong math skills because the numbers you'll be crunching are certainly big ones. With salaries and bonuses often in the 8 figures, two all gold Rolex Daytonas with green dials are probably just one small corner of your watch collection.

CEO: Rolex Daytona Platinum

2 platinum rolex daytonas

 Photo Cred: @ilikerolexes Instagram

After making a million tough decisions in a day, a wall street CEO should hopefully find the decision to baguette or not baguette an easier one to make. It's a decision where you can't really go wrong because both of these options are absolute stunners and when you're a CEO on Wall Street you can afford to grapple with this type of first world problem. 

Rolex Datyonas in a watch roll

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of Rolex watches and Investment Bankers. Above you can see the Everest Watch Roll for 2 watches in Navy Blue. It's definitely a hot commodity right now, and it's also currently back in stock...The snap closure provides a strong bond for protecting your valuable assets. See what we did there?

What are your thoughts on this analysis? Whether you agree or disagree let us know in the comments!


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