How To Wear Your Watch Band

How To Wear Your Watch Band

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You purchase a new rubber watch band with a tang buckle; it arrives in the mail. You install it on your watch and are ready to test it out! You get ready to put it on your wrist, but you are unsure of how tight or loose the band should feel. Should it be tighter or looser than your original bracelet, should it fit the same? 

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Switching from the original bracelet to a rubber band is going to feel different. The rubber is lighter than the original bracelet and the material, of course, is different. Although the feel and weight is different, you want to ensure you are wearing the rubber band the same as your original bracelet. So, how do you know if you are wearing your watch at the correct size?

The rule of thumb is your wearing your watch too tight if it does not have a little room to move around, and it is leaving an imprint on your skin. The watch is too loose if it is sliding more than about an inch and a half  on your wrist, and you can fit a few fingers between your wrist and the watch. The watch should fit with a little room to move, about an inch and a half, but should not twist around your arm. You want to ensure your watch has this small room to move so it gives your wrist room to breath, and it does not damage any parts of the watch.

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Wearing a rubber watch band too tight could put stress on the band. If you wear the rubber band to where it does not have room to move on your wrist, overtime, the buckle will put pressure on the buckle hole. To alleviate this pressure, move the buckle to one hole bigger. This will ensure that as you move throughout the day, the band has some room to move and will not put pressure on the buckle hole. Additionally, dependent on what your daily activities are, the weather outside and the amount of salty foods you eat, your wrist could swell a bit throughout the day. Make sure you find what's comfortable for you.

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