How to spend $10K on a Rolex right now

How to spend $10K on a Rolex right now

Because it’s hard for most people to get the Rolex model they want from their authorized dealer right now, we are looking hard at the secondhand market for any opportunities to secure a desirable Rolex at a price that isn’t too far above the suggested retail price.

Rolex Milgauss black

Photo by Sansom Watches

Let’s look at the $10K mark and many of the most desirable Rolex models prior to the lack of availability were in or around this range. A potential good buy right now could be the black dial Milgauss 116400, which is selling for around $8,500 on the used market. The blue dial version with the green tinted sapphire is selling for over $12,000. While certain collectors want that green tinted sapphire to play up the Milgauss’ eccentric design, we believe the orange accents on the black dial are an ideal accent to showcase the bolder design elements of this watch.

Yacht-Master 16622

Photo by Fratello Watches

We also found the Yacht-Master 16622 available for $9,225. The five-digit Yacht-Master at 40mm has a luxurious look to it that will allow you to stand out from the common black-dial, black-bezeled Rolex dive watches. This watch has an ultra-luxurious feel and will have heads turning to take a second look.


Photo by Bob's Watches

Speaking of conversation pieces, the Turn-O-Graph 116264 can be purchased for $9,225. It’s a very cool Rolex model that has dressy roots, but also has a rotating (fluted) bezel and a red seconds hand. This model actually is the first Rolex to feature a rotating bezel, even before the Submariner came into existence. 

Explorer II Polar

Photo by Time and Tide Watches

If you are looking for a more traditional Rolex, the Polar Explorer II 16570 can still be found for under $10K. This is one of the most popular, yet not so common, Rolex sport watches. Get the white dial version and you’ll have on your wrist one of the most striking Rolex models ever made. Plus, you get to track another time zone.

Photo by The Watch Club

If you are dead-set on a classic Rolex model, the Sea-Dweller 16600 can be had for under $10K. The five-digit Sea-Dweller has a recognizable look that most will think is a Submariner, but this model is more technically capable, rated to 4,000 feet of water resistance and uses date complication without a cyclops magnifying lens. We are fans of the Sea-Dweller for many reasons and would be very happy to own one from the 1990s or early 2000s.

So there you have it. Stretch your budget and you can still be in the mix for some fantastic Rolex watches on the pre-owned market. Do your homework and, as always, buy the seller.

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