How to Size an Everest Deployant

How to Size an Everest Deployant
Have you ever gone to the Everest website looking for that amazing rubber strap you just fell in love with on IG, gotten to the product page, and thought to yourself, “how the heck am I supposed to know what size to get?!” Well, never fear….because I do this for a living and can teach you in less than five minutes! 

First things first, take a look at your bracelet as you wear it now. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with all the moving parts on it, if you aren’t already. Three key parts that we’re going to look at are: The end links that connect the bracelet to your watch, the Oyster links that connect to your deployant clasp, and the clasp itself. 
how to size a watch band

When measuring the number of links in your bracelet, the very first link - the end link connecting it to the case - is not counted. So, starting with the first full link, count the number of Oyster links all the way down to the last link that connects your bracelet to your buckle. This could be the first link available with a screw in it, connected just outside the buckle, or, if you have an adjustable buckle, it could connect directly to your deployant clasp - the choice is totally up to you! Once you have figured this out on both sides, double check the graph on the product page to make sure that the number you counted matches what you see there. 

What if you have a GMT or a Datejust that came on Jubilee, though? Well...that’s where things get tricky. The best way to measure the correct size on a Jubilee is by taking direct measurements of each side of your bracelet from connection to connection - that is, from case to buckle. From there, you can use this handy cheat: 

4 links = 5cm/50mm
5 links = 6cm/60mm
6 links = 7cm/70mm
how to size your wrist

With any of these measurements, we understand that it’s not easy, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re in the office Monday through Friday to help you, and we also have Authorized Everest Dealers all over the world who are here to help you find the perfect strap for your timepiece! 
how to size your wrist

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