How To Photograph Your Watch Like a Pro

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You’ve seen the mind blowing images on Instagrams. The ones that cause you to do a double take at the captivating colors and the crisp lines. How do these Instagrammers accomplish such a captivating photograph of such a small timepiece? Now, some of these photographers have cheats that only pros would use, but we wanted to share our tips to overcome those photography challenges. These challenges can include deceptively tricky details like reflective surfaces and intricate dials.
how to photograph like a pro

Photo captured by @mikeswatches

What camera should you actually use to snap the photo? Don’t completely rule out cell phone cameras (especially with the technology released on them today). An expensive camera setup isn’t necessary to take great pictures. Start experimenting with photographing your watch with the equipment you have whether its a cell phone or a fancy camera.

So now that you’ve determined the type of camera to use, there is one very important element for photographing a watch, lighting. Indoor lighting has a warm tint to it, but in all honestly, naturally lighting is best. Cloudy days are the most ideal for taking photos outside. But, taking a photo inside by a window is great also. Utilizing a white sheet of paper can help brighten up a photograph quickly and easily. And vice versa, if you want to add a bit of shadowing, use a black sheet of paper.

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Image composition is important, which means you don’t want to be too close or too far away to the subject. Additionally, there is something in photography called the rule of thirds (also considered the “rule of thumb” guideline). First, break an image into three parts both horizontally and vertically creating nine different areas (like the grid pictured below). You will see that the grid is created with four lines. Positioning the points of interest along these lines or at the intersections creates a more balanced photo. It has been proven that viewers more naturally are drawn to the interaction points versus the center. So, this encourages viewers to naturally interact with the photograph verses work against it.

how to photograph like a pro

Once you’ve captured the picture, try using easy and free tools that are available to quickly edit your photography and clean up any dust or image issues. Try shying away from instagram filters and use more of an image clarifying software. Photoshop Express is free for phones and tablets if you want an easy to use editing software on the go.

And one last tip, don’t be afraid of color! Black and white tones can add sophistication to an image, but a dab of color really makes the picture pop. Play with contrasting colors - black and blue can work together, Rolex proved it with one of their most popular models, the GMT BLNR 👍

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Photo by @joram_d_s

So, don’t be hesitant to start experimenting with photographing your beautiful timepieces and make sure to share them with us on Instagram or Facebook with #everestbands 📸

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