How to Get A New Strap For My Rolex

How to Get A New Strap For My Rolex

The best way to get a new strap for your Rolex is to purchase from Everest Bands. From your initial search, to personalized support and communication from our team, to delivery of your item, and to the relationships maintained after delivery, Everest makes getting a new strap for your Rolex easy and enjoyable.

two hands one holding a rolex airking on bracelet and one with a rolex airking on black rubber

There are a few different reasons for wanting to change out your watch’s original bracelet, which include the original bracelet is too bulky and uncomfortable, you want to preserve the value of your bracelet, or maybe you want to change up the look of your watch. Everest understands this need and has created several different straps to solve this problem. With that being said, finding the right strap for your watch can be an overwhelming task. Here are a few easy steps to follow when navigating our website and choosing the perfect strap for your watch. 

1. Check Our Website for Model Number and/or Watch Reference Number

a screenshot of the everest bands strap homepage where you can choose rolex tudor panerai or any watch

Click HERE to shop our strap collection and find your watch. Once there you will see a Rolex, Tudor, Panerai, and Any Watch tab. Depending on your watch model, you will choose which tab you will need to click. If you are shopping for your Rolex or Tudor watch, please be sure to have your reference number on hand! This is the easiest way to locate if we have a strap for your model on our website. If you are unsure of what your watch’s reference number is, you can look at the papers that came with your watch when purchased or email our customer service at with a picture of your watch. On a Rolex, you can also often find the reference number between the lugs on the case once your bracelet is removed.

leather curved end straps next to a panerai watch

If you have a watch that is not a Rolex, Tudor, or Panerai, no worries! Click on the Any Watch tab to see our universal strap collection, which fit 20mm and 22mm lug width watches. If you do not know the lug width of your watch, a quick google search of your watch’s model name will help to find this information. If you are still unsure, you can also email our customer service using the email address above and we are happy to locate this information for you! Most watches have between a 20 and 22 mm lug width. 

 curved end rubber universal strap on a MONTA watch

If you do not see your watch model on our website, please know that our design team is always hard at work designing straps for new models. If you would like to see if your watch model is on our radar, email our customer service, and we can add you to a waiting list for if and when it is planning to be released. 

2. Check Out Our Different Strap Options 

Once you have found your watch model on our website, you will then check out all the different strap options we offer depending on your watch model. We offer rubber, leather and nylon straps, which come in different sizes and colors. It is important to keep in mind that we do not have the same options for every model of watch on our website. Each watch model has its own set of strap variations, colors, and sizes depending on popularity and demand. A helpful tip while shopping our website is to take a look at the “model info” drop down because it provides you with more specific watch model and strap information! 4 squares with different watch straps in each square some rubber some nato some with deployant clasp options

Our universal straps come in black rubber for 20mm lug width watches and it comes in leather and nylon/nato for 20 and 22mm lug width watches. The leather and nylon/nato options also come in a long and short size. 

3. Choose Your Watch Strap & Size

Once you’ve found your watch model and looked at all the amazing options available for your model, you then have to decide which one matches your needs. For many of our Rolex model straps we offer two different style options- tang buckle or deployant. Our deployant strap is a unique product because it allows you to utilize their original Rolex clasp, while also using one of our straps. It is very important to note that sizing for these straps can be tricky, so be sure to check out our sizing guide HERE hand holding a rolex submariner with a black rubber deployant strap on it

If you are wanting to preserve your Rolex clasp and go for more of a casual look, the tang buckle option will be the way to go. For some Rolex models we offer a short or standard size option. The short strap’s dimensions are 70mm x 110mm for 5in- 6.74 in wrists and the standard strap’s dimensions are 80mm x 120mm for 6.75 in- 8.25 in wrists. We only have our standard size for Tudor and our universal rubber strap.  a blue rubber strap on a rolex gmt master ii blnr batman watch next to an apple keyboard

All of our products are Swiss Manufactured and made out of the highest quality materials. Our rubber straps are made out of Vulcanized Rubber, while our leather straps are made out of the highest quality Nappa Leather. No matter what product you choose, you can have the peace of mind that it is high quality and worth your time and money.

4. Add to Cart and Order!

Once you have chosen your strap and size, add the item to your cart! Before you hit order, check out our amazing watch pouchesstorage, and tools! Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number and details. From there, you will receive an email when your order has been fulfilled and shipped out with tracking information. Shipping on most items over a certain price is fast and free. We are located in the USA, but have Everest fulfillment centers in the USA, Europe, and the United Kingdom. We ship to all of these locations free with VAT/customs/taxes fully included! We also ship to other locations as well, with various shipping rates and options.

rolex watch with bracelet off next to some watch tools and a watch cleaning cloth on top of a leather pad

Choosing a new watch strap for your watch should be an exciting and fun process! If you need help along the way, our customer service is always there to help. Just email us at

5. ENJOY! 

And please, show us your wrist shot on our instagram or other socials by tagging #everestbands in your photos. We will likely feature your shot and give a shoutout to your account on our social media platforms. We also respond to comments and dms personally because getting to know our customers and growing the Everest Watch Fam is one of the best parts of our work here at Everest. Welcome aboard!

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