How to Buy a Rolex for the First Time

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For an investment as big as a Rolex, customers must enter the game fully informed of how to shop for one. The type of Rolex you buy is dependent on numerous factors, such as budget, model, style and buying vintage vs. new.

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Budget Accordingly

The entry level price of a Rolex is around $5,000 for a new watch and $2,500 for a vintage or used watch. However, most people end up opting for the slightly more expensive models when making their first Rolex investment and spending around $8,000-12,000.

When to Take the Plunge

It is common for people to purchase their first Rolex to commemorate an important life event, such as a graduation or anniversary. The best advice is to start browsing Rolex options about six to 12 months before you plan to make the purchase. This gives you a date to work towards regarding finances, as well as ample time to check out all of your Rolex options before you decide to buy. Even if you plan to buy online, it is best to browse the Rolex model options at a brick-and-mortar location before you buy in order to see the product is person.

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Browse the Models

Many Rolex owners have chosen their first models based on their lifestyles and needs. Categories of Rolexes can range from everyday/sport styles, to dressy/formal, to flashy over-the-top Rolexes. The most classic watch Rolex has to offer is the Submariner, which is a durable, waterproof dive watch that many choose as their inaugural Rolex purchase. They are also on the more affordable end of the Rolex price spectrum. The Day-date is known as a classier choice, nicknamed the President. It shows the day and date on the case and has a more formal vibe. The Explorer models are in general smaller but can stand up to high altitude and extreme weather, making it a proper choice for more adventurous Rolex-wearers. The GMT model allows you to see the time in multiple time zones. The Yacht Master has a reputation for being a showy yet sleek Rolex model. The Daytona is a racing watch and has a busy dial yet has persisted in popularity through the years in the Rolex world.

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Old or New?

Used Rolexes are a common choice for first-time buyers who have a lower in price point in mind. Reputable sites for vintage Rolexes are Chrono24, Bob’s Watches, HQMilton and Paul Duggan. If you plan to buy a new Rolex, it must be bought at an authorized Rolex dealer unless you want to chance ending up with a fake watch. When choosing an authorized dealer to buy your Rolex from, make sure you inform yourself about the warranty agreements and return policies of each store, as they do vary.

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