How to Buy a Cheap Rolex – It is Easier than you Think!

How to Buy a Cheap Rolex - It is Easier than you Think!

We receive numerous questions every day at Everest Horology Products, and one that is asked more frequent than other is “Do you sell Rolex watches?” The answer is: we do not sell Rolex watches or any watch for that matter. We are strictly in the watch band business for Rolex owners, as an aftermarket source for the best leather and rubber straps available for your Rolex. However, we work with online and brick and mortar resellers of pre-loved Rolex watches everyday. When it comes to buying a pre-owned Rolex watch, there are a number of places to turn to depending on your knowledge of the watch market and particularly the model of the Rolex you are searching for. There are truthfully countless options, eBay, watch forums, online watch marketplaces, brick and mortar pre-loved Rolex dealers and of course, Rolex Authorized dealers. There is no shortage of sources at least in the USA of places to purchase a pre-owned Rolex.

The first option that comes to mind is the Rolex Forums (, which for the most part can be a very interesting and helpful resource for Rolex enthusiasts and new comers. Many forum members are true Rolex enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their expertise and knowledge about various topics as well as some are trying to sell a watch or two. This can be a daunting sea to swim in for the non-informed consumer looking to purchase his first Rolex while trying to save money in the process. Caution is suggested, and if you lack confidence in the technical aspect of Rolex mechanical workings and the correct questions to ask, this should just be a resource. Some things to keep in mind when visiting forums, you are welcome to read the threads as a visitor, but if you intend to respond to a topic or advertise a Rolex for sale, you will need to be a member with a password which can be done relatively easy. We totally suggest getting yourself a free account and beginning the process of finding out more about Rolex there.

how to buy a cheap rolex
Do a Google search for pre-owned Rolex, and poof, you have page after page of options from the most recognized larger dealers to the smaller boutique type dealers. One thing is for certain, you will have no shortage of options, perhaps too many options. Say you visit an online dealer’s sight, and you are now looking at pictures of the desired Rolex you have in mind. The specs point to minimal use and the price looks tempting, so what’s holding you back? The same thing that has made you a successful business person possibly? It's called your intuition or your cautionary sense of trust.
how to buy a cheap rolex
Although the more recognized dealers do provide money back guarantees if you are not 100% satisfied, we know that without touching the actual watch first can make it a hard choice to click buy. When viewing Rolex watches online, specifically from an eCommerce store, don’t forget to pick up the phone and speak with someone from the online store. It is a large purchase, so it makes sense to ask a few questions. Do not forget to ask for a discount! As they say, everything is negotiable. Our retailer section has a group of excellent retailers that can be trusted. There are many reputable and reliable stores of the brick and mortar type that also sell online. In fact there are several listed on our website under authorized Everest dealers proudly selling our watch bands to the Rolex community.
how to buy a cheap Rolex

eBay is a great tool also to find a lower priced Rolex watch. One of the benefits is that you do have the ability at times to negotiate with the seller, and you are protected by both PayPal and eBay. There are quite a few eBay sellers that have both an eCommerce store and a brick and mortar location.

The one location that you will know that the watch is genuine, most likely well serviced, and in excellent condition is at the Rolex authorized dealer. Many Rolex authorized dealers sell pre-owned Rolex watches that have been actually serviced by Rolex and come with a warranty of sorts. You will pay extra for these benefits, but it will most likely be a lower cost than buying a brand new Rolex from that same authorized dealer. One thing is for sure though, Rolex authorized dealers will not negotiate a lower price on a brand new Rolex watch. Rolex enforces strict rules with its dealer network.

Hopefully, this helps you find your first or tenth Rolex watch. If you are in the market for a “cheap” Rolex, you can find one, but it may take some digging. I have always found it part of the fun; hopefully, you will also. And don't forget to strap up your new find with a Swiss-Made Everest watch band.

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