How My Husband Got Me Into Watches

How My Husband Got Me Into Watches

The story of how I got into watches is somewhat unconventional.  It began with my husband about ten years ago.  His career was just beginning when he landed a job as a product photographer for an online pre-owned watch company.  He also happened to have an interest in watches.  As twenty-somethings back then, we didn’t have the budget for anything luxury, let alone a Rolex.  So as you can imagine, my husband was in heaven working with some of his favorite timepieces.  Submariner, Perpetual, bezel, and GMT sounded like a foreign language, but they would eventually become a part of my everyday vocabulary.

A few years into his growing photography career, the company my husband worked for hired me as a copywriter.  I was expecting my first child at the time and jumped at the opportunity to work freelance from home.  I had a rough go at it initially because I was absolutely clueless about all the ins and outs of horology.  Fast forward to today.  My daughter is now six, and I’m still writing watches for a living.  I even make it into the office occasionally to catch up and talk watches with fellow industry professionals and see the watches I write about in the metal.  My source of income has become a true passion for me, one that I am lucky enough to share with my husband.

His And Hers Watch Collection

Once I became well-versed in watches, I started to appreciate my husband’s collection.  The thought of spending several hundred dollars on a Christopher Ward watch and even more on a Grand Seiko watch no longer seemed so outrageous.  I had come to appreciate even the smallest details of each of his watches, from the beautifully faceted hour markers on the dial down to the movement ticking away inside the case.  Despite having a small wrist, I had even taken to wearing his watches from time to time.  Not to mention, shopping for Christmas and birthday gifts is a breeze now that we both share an interest in watches.  

Eventually, I started to grow my own watch collection.  First, with a Hamilton Khaki Field watch that my husband also wears occasionally, and now my Rolex Oyster Perpetual, which you can read more about hereNext up on my wish list?  I’ve always adored the Cartier Tank.  I would also love to own an Omega Speedmaster Pro, which I’m sure my husband would also enjoy wearing.

Watch Meet-Ups

You might be reading this hoping your spouse or significant other might one day share a love of watches with you.  A great place to start is attending local watch meet-ups in your area, which seem to be popping up everywhere lately.  Watch meet-ups generally involve spending time with other horology enthusiasts, admiring their watch rolls, and sometimes even sipping some fine whiskey.  Initially, my husband and I attended meetups so that I could learn more about watches to improve my writing.  Nowadays, it’s a fun date night spent with fellow watch nerds who have since become good friends.  

That’s my journey from watch novice to watch writer and overall enthusiast.  Now that I have an appreciation for horology, I honestly can’t imagine my life without it.

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