How larger watches benefit from a good rubber strap

How larger watches benefit from a good rubber strap

It’s no surprise to us that the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller line works really well on an Everest rubber strap. At 44mm wide and over 17mm thick, the extra large diver weighs over 200 grams with its stainless steel bracelet on. So when you add a rubber strap it reduces the total weight but it also creates a nice hold on the wrist, with less movement associated with the stock Oyster bracelet.

Deepsea Sea-Dweller on Everest Rubber Strap

Historically rubber straps have worked well with dive watches. They are easily adjustable and the friction of the rubber texture holds the watch head in place without the need to over tighten the strap to achieve that secure hold.

Even the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M, which boasts a 55 mm case. Is surprisingly wearable on a rubber strap, and we’ve also tried it on its ultra high quality mesh bracelet too. Sea-Dweller 43 owners have also reported excellent results with our rubber straps in place of the stock Rolex bracelet, which is among the best in the industry.

Everest strap on Explorer II

For the modern 42mm Rolex Explorer II models, throwing an Everest rubber strap makes a real difference in all-day comfort. The watch head remains firmly on top of the wrist with much less sliding closer to the sides of the wrist. You can achieve a similar feel with a bracelet, but at that bracelet setting it can feel too restrictive for some, especially when the wrist expands in warmer temperatures.

During these winter months, transitioning from the cold outside into heated rooms can cause rapid wrist size fluctuations. A rubber strap is more forgiving and can accommodate the swelling and shrinking of the wrist pretty well and still have an assuring firm feel of your watch being centered on the wrist.

Why curved matters

Rubber straps that aren’t curved may take some time to break in to be truly comfortable. With Everest straps the curve allows our rubber straps to be comfortable right out of the gate. That’s why so many Panerai owners report such good luck with Everest rubber straps. Holding the 44mm wide and 15mm thick case centered on the wrist is a lot easier with a grippy curved rubber strap made of pliable, but not overly soft material.

Panerai Luminor on Everest Rubber Strap

Quite often a larger watch’s lugs will extend beyond the average-sized wrist’s edges and a rubber strap will initiate a “hug” around the wrist, which allows for a more comfortable for even wrist sizes 6.5 inches or smaller.

Check out the Everest line of curved end rubber straps for the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller here.

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