How Everest Ensures a Perfect Fit to your Watch

How Everest Ensures a Perfect Fit to your Watch

Everest is sharing a bit more about how we perfectly fit our watch bands to your watch case and why the perfect fit is important.

a hand holding a rolex submariner watch with a black rubber strap and deployant clasp

With curved end watch bands, there are many factors that go into the design and production process to ensure a perfect fit. First, of course Everest has to develop and maintain excellent relationships with the best Swiss watch strap makers in the world, and develop state of the art tooling with the help of unmatched Swiss knowhow and attention to detail. Over the last decade, Everest has achieved this.

The next steps in which Everest takes to ensure the perfect fit are: taking precise measurements, designing the strap meticulously from the curvature to the angle to the depth of the under-side channels, to length and so much more. After this, there is elaborate design work including 3D printing/molding, prototyping, testing, a refined redesign, a final prototype, and finally, the decisions on final production variations such as what colors and sizes to offer. Then of course after that, the straps will be manufactured and an elaborate QC process ensues before finally releasing the straps to the public. Whew, it is not a quick or an easy process, but perfection never is. So, let’s talk curved end watch straps for your Rolex, Tudor and Panerai.

tudor black bay 58 watch with rubber strap

In regards to the curved end, the first step is to disassemble a Rolex that Everest purchases because we are not affiliated with Rolex or any watch brand. Once we have purchased and disassembled the Rolex, we must derive multiple measurements that must be extremely precise. For instance, we must determine the exact angle of where the lug meets the case. Additionally, the distance between the spring bar hole on the lugs and the case is also a determining factor in creating the perfect curved end as well as many, many other precise measurements required.

perfect fit to your watch

Once the measurements are taken, the actual design of the watch band can begin. in 2019 we released a new design of the most popular curved end watch band for Rolex sports models with the tang buckle. Our designer added a channeling system, first seen on Everest’s watch bands for Tudor. The channeling system allows moisture to escape and air to flow between wrist and watch band - adding to the comfort. The precise angle of the channeling system also adds additional support to the pin holes that the tongue on the buckle inserts through - adding to the durability. At this stage, our designer also incorporates a buckle and spring bar design to complement the watch and watch band. No element is overlooked. Since 2019, our designs have continued to evolve and get better and better each year, bringing us now to 2022 where we now have straps for several newer models of Rolex and Tudor watches such as the Submariner 41mm and the Tudor Black Bay 58. Everest even now makes a "universal rubber watch strap" for those customers who have always wanted an Everest band, but couldn't find their exact watch on our website.

how to ensure a perfect fit

The next stage is prototyping. Once the design has been sent out to our Swiss manufacturing and the tooling has been completed, a prototype is made using Everest chosen material. The Swiss manufacturer then sends the prototype to Everest’s headquarters where the designer will install the watch band on the correct watch model. At this point, the watch band is put through a comprehensive testing process in fitment, durability and comfort. 

Once the prototype has passed all tests, the variations must be chosen. Then, full production is set into motion, which typically takes weeks or even months. And, with the Swiss summer holidays (6-8 weeks off), there can always be a few delays. But, when the product finally arrives, it's a fun day. And, it’s even more exciting once we begin seeing all of our customers' #wristshots. In early 2020 we released an orange rubber watch band for the Explorer II 42mm, a color highly requested by watch fam. Within 3-5 days so many new images were already beginning to populate. 

a perfect fit to your watch case

Due to all of these necessary steps needing to be taken, this can slow the release of new Everest watch bands for different watch models. Since we are not affiliated with Rolex, Tudor or Panerai but must obtain the new model just as our fellow watch enthusiasts, this can take time as we know new models can have waiting lists, especially with Rolex like the famous Ceramic Daytona - that waiting list was years long for some. Everest is compromised of watch lovers who only want to make the absolute best products available for watch owners. Everest believes strongly in producing extremely high quality, precision fit and comfort straps (and accessories) no matter how long it takes.

a perfect fit to your rolex

We do our best to release new curved end straps for your Swiss watch variants as quickly as possible, but perfection does take time. We are always looking for feedback on which one is the most sought after. Right now we have many customers asking for rubber straps for the new Rolex Explorer 36mm, the Datejust 41, and the DeepSea Sea-Dweller. Good news is we are actively working on these, and a few others a well :).

In recent years, Everest also began offering many amazing watch accessories such as leather watch rolls, leather and microfiber watch pouches, tool sets, tweezer tools, spring bars, a luxury watch box,  and more.

We do thank you and the watch community for your patience as we bring you the perfect curved end watch band for your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai. Comment below on what watch model you want an Everest watch band for next!

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