Holiday Shopping Guide for the Rolex Collector and Watch Lover in your life!

Holiday Shopping Guide for the Rolex Collector and Watch Lover in your life!

It’s finally the holiday season! There’s nothing like this time of year…the sparkling lights, the upbeat music, and the general cheer that everyone seems to have during the holidays. But let’s be honest, there’s also nothing like the stress during the holiday season. Finding those perfect gifts can be exhausting! But don’t worry. Today we’re here to go over our favorite gifts that are perfect for the watch collector in your life and to make your gift buying a little easier.

Watch Movement Cufflinks

I cannot tell you enough how obsessed I am with these. I purchased a pair to gift last Christmas, and they were incredibly well received. As collectors, there’s very little that captures our imagination the way a watch movement does. The intricacies, the details, the history…all have a hold on our hearts. And aren’t you supposed to wear your heart on your sleeve after all? These are the perfect way to showcase your love of mechanical watches and are a genuine conversation starter. Check out this assortment from IFL Watches that starts at $150.

Watch Movement Cuff Links

Image Source IFL Watches

Fun Watch Socks

Crazy socks have been a trend for quite some time, and while it may have taken me a while to get used to them, I absolutely love peeking at what socks someone has on. They allow you to express yourself and have a little fun in fashion. What better way to express your love for watches than with watch-themed socks! Watch Rats has an incredibly fun assortment of socks for some of the most collected watches around (and for less than $25 they’re a perfect stocking stuffer). Whether you’re rocking your moonwatch, the BLNR, or that highly-coveted Daytona, you can have the perfectly matched socks on your feet to accompany it!

Watch Inspired Socks

Image Source Watch Rats

The Perfect Watch Pouch

Finding the ideal watch storage is a crucial part of the collecting journey. I mean, are you even #watchfam if you don’t have a box of various watch pouches sitting in your house somewhere? If you’re on the go, a watch pouch makes your life so much easier and allows you to have a few options while safely storing and organizing your prized wristwatches. A watch pouch option that was introduced a while ago by the Everest team really solved so many of those problems and has become a favorite – the Watch Portfolio. I love this because it offers so much! You can store three watches in the individual watch pouches (that also remove for single use) and there’s room for your tools and additional straps making it the perfect companion for any watch lover. For $285, I’ve yet to see a better option that can do so much!

Image Source Everest Bands

Printed Watch Ads

A truly unique gift are these printed watch ads from Ad Patina! The company hunts down watch ads in magazines and offers them for sale, with options to have them framed as well. These ads come from various countries, markets, and time periods, allowing you to find something special that you likely would have never seen before. With over 20 brands to choose from, including Rolex, OMEGA, IWC, and Patek, you’re sure to find a unique gift for any watch lover.

Assorted vintage Rolex ads

Image Source Ad Patina

Unique Watch Art

Dark Side of the Watch is a company I’ve been following for quite some time. The artist hand draws some of the world’s most iconic watches in stunning detail. Many of his drawings include unique accents that connect each individual watch with its historical references. The attention to detail combined with unique story telling make these prints an incredibly accessory for any watch owner.

Rolex Explorer Drawing

 Image Source Dark Side of the Watch

Watch Cleaning Kit

A perfect stocking stuffer for any enthusiast is a good watch cleaning kit. This one from Wrist Clean  is a fantastic option that is not only eco-friendly but is also safe for stainless steel, platinum, gold, and titanium. This kit includes a gasket safe foam soap to safely and thoroughly remove dirt and oil, bringing that shine back to their watch.

Of course, if anyone I know is reading this I’ll also take one of the many watches I have on my radar, wrist size 6.25 inches. But in all seriousness, gift buying this holiday season doesn’t have to be too stressful! We hope that this guide helps you narrow down a few options to get the watch collector in your life – or just gives you ideas on what you can purchase for yourself!

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