Have you Seen the new Everest Watch Rolls?

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Super fun stuff coming at you this summer #watchfam. Have you seen the new Everest Watch Rolls Just Released? New colors in new sizes!

This spring Everest Bands released two new colors for the watch roll in the 2, 3, and 4 slot options. Espresso Brown was added, but the Vintage Brown option received an update as well. The interior of the watch roll is slightly softer as well.

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The Espresso Brown is a deep, rich brown reminiscent of a deep, glorious cup of espresso or coffee - hence the name. With a tan interior that perfectly compliments the color and draws attention to the center stage where your timepieces are housed.

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The new Vintage Brown with the tan interior and dark brown stitching has an embossed logo to create a warm, inviting pairing. The French styled paint finish smoothly completes the beautifully crafted piece.

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The leather used to build the watch rolls are tanned using the very first tanning method which is vegetable tanning; this method is an old-world, artisanal process that takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in some plant species, by using the barks, branches, leaves and even some fruits in some specific techniques.

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We understand the extreme importance of keeping your timepieces safe. Blending form and function, it features practical snap closures. The watch rolls still feature 2, 3, or 4 pillows and the rail sliding system where each timepiece is encased in an individual compartment that floats inside the watch roll. This allows for maximum safety against damage. For further security, the flat base allows for secure placement on any hard surface.

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Check out what some of the #watchfam are saying about the watch rolls:

“The two watch roll is constructed to safely handle my watches during travel. The slide out feature to add or remove watches from the roll is genius. Finishing of the leather and interior is second to none. This is my second Everest watch roll and I love them both.” - Kevin R.

“The quality is even more impressive in person - striking! I love how it looks on my nightstand, gorgeous shade of navy. Glad I got one while they were in stock!” - John F.

“The Everest Watch Roll is simply amazing. It is well designed, the rail system separates the watches to avoid scratching and contact. The leather is very luxurious. I highly recommend the Everest Watch Roll. It would make a great addition for any watch collector, or as a gift to someone who truly enjoys timepieces and quality watch accessories.” - Robert K.

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