Do I need a watch box?

Do I need a watch box?

For years, much to my wife’s annoyance, I kept my watches in various drawers with straps and extra bracelet receipts along with a few Rolex service papers. As much as I prized my watch collection, the way I stored them was definitely not up to par. 

I’m not a watch winder guy. I like to let my watches rest when they are not in use, so when Everest came out with a luxury-level watch box my interest piqued. At first I was back on the lazy train, thinking who needs a nice place to store my watches? 

To watch box or not? The debate rages on with watch nerds. There are plenty available in the marketplace in a wide range of quality levels and styles.

We’ve been trying to focus on making the interiors of our home nicer this year. 2022 is the year of appreciating what we have instead of thinking about a bigger or different home. Naturally, every detail matters and it just so happened that the wood grain of the Everest Watch Box matches our decor. Boom, the deal was done and I finally took the plunge.

My conclusion: If you are a serious watch guy, storing your watch collection properly allows for more enjoyment of this hobby. It's just like clothes, denim jackets, baseball cards, whatever it is that you choose to collect as a passion.

I keep it by my office desk and it’s like having a nice closet for your wrist wardrobe. I open the box, revel in my collection and assess what watch will best match my mood and outfit for the day. No more hiding them scattered in a sock drawer.

And what’s even better is now I have a free drawer for my sweat shirts, my other collecting habit. “How many grey sweatshirts do you need?” asks my wife. She does feel better that my messy watch drawer has been replaced by a nice feature within our home now.

I’ve never owned a watch box before and this one from Everest feels solid. The hinges unlock with two buttons on each side and it feels heavy the watch box equivalent of the car door of an Audi. The pillows are soft and hold each watch nicely. It’s good for watches on bracelets or straps and has a nice compartment for those knick knacks that formerly were scattered in that sock drawer.

Consolidating my watch parts collection was another bonus. Yes, I finally got rid of that $25 Hadley Roma Oyster bracelet I had for a watch I don’t even own anymore. My new clutter-free watch compartment has been a pleasure and investing in a watch box goes back to my 2022 promise to spend more on enjoying what I already have.

Get your own Everest Watch Box here.

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