Guide to Panerai Luminor Leather Straps

leather panerai luminor strap

Guide to Panerai Luminor leather straps

One of the intrinsic pleasures of Panerai ownership is the variety of leather straps available to customize your watch with. From Panerai authorized straps to small craftsman on Etsy to our own curved leather strap, the joy of strap swapping with Paneristi community is in full force.

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What’s also nice about the Panerai Luminor models is it’s one of the few dive watch models where it’s acceptable to pair leather straps with (if you care what the watch enthusiast community thinks). Part of that reason is that Italian military divers actually wore leather straps while diving. Apparently those leather straps did dry and everything was OK. (We invite you to read more about Panerai's history here in Part 1 and Part 2 of our Panerai history exploration.)


Regardless of past precedent, let’s acknowledge that most Panerai owners are not actually scuba diving with their distinct large-cased Luminors these days. With its unique flip locking crown guard and bold dial designs, the Panerai Luminor (with its 44mm wide case) is one of the top “flex” watches one can wear. It’s a showpiece no doubt that has a strong (non-Rolex) recognition to non-watch lovers.

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The large case does work well with thick chunky leather straps with contrast stitching. And there are a variety of choices from Panerai and independent makers such as Toshi Straps (England), Bas & Lokes (Australia), Greg Stevens (America) and Gunny Straps (Indonesia), just to name a handful. Panerai, of course, makes a variety of its own leather straps you can purchase from their online store or at one their boutiques. 

panerai luminor leather

The Everest Leather Strap for Panerai

While we at Everest was born with a focus on delivering curved end straps for a precise fit to the case of Rolex (and now Tudor) watches, our customers, many of who own a sizable collection of watches, asked us to produce a strap for their Panerai Luminors (which had a massive resurgence when Sylvester Stallone started wearing them in the 1990s). Sly fell in love with the design while filming “Daylight” in Italy and also starting gifting Panerai watches to his famous friends.

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The core Luminor model with a 44mm case is where we started in developing our leather straps, which are available in five different styles of Italian vegetable tanned leather. With the screw bar system, it’s easy to swap straps, so we encourage you to grab a few to try and swap out your style depending on your mood and outfit.

The Everest Panerai Luminor strap is distinguished by its seamless fit between the case and the strap. There’s no gap. This not only makes for a very refined look, the on-wrist comfort is also enhanced because the design allows for a secure fit without the strap having to squeeze the wrist. 

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The overall look of our Panerai straps is aimed towards delivering a more refined look of Italian sprezzatura, which is, in essence, a nonchalant style move that looks effortless.

Check out our Panerai Leather Straps.

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Check out our new YouTube video HERE that dives into the new Everest Panerai Leather strap series also! Discover a new look for your Panerai HERE!

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