Graham Chronofighter – Satisfies The Itchy Trigger Thumb

graham chronograph

The thumb, scientists say, has slightly faster reflexes than the fingers. Thus, the Graham Chronofighter tailored the chrono actuator for your thumb. To get you just that much more precise with your timing.

graham chronofighter

This year is the fifteenth anniversary of the Chronofighter, and Graham is going back to the beginning with the Chronofighter Vintage collection. There’s more than a little steam punk vibe with the Vintage, and frankly, the design doesn’t just scratch the itchy thumb. It scratches the itchy mechanical geek gene too.

graham watch

Along with the Vintage collection, the Chronofighter comes in more modern steel and Superlight Carbon designs, with one featuring a bright red rubber strap. Get used to handling and wearing the steel edition, then strap on the carbon piece – at less than 100 grams – and you feel like you’re wearing air. That’s even more amazing when you consider that the watch is 47mm in diameter.

graham racing watch

Then there’s retired Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf. His 18 year SEAL career wasn’t quite enough to satisfy the adrenaline cravings, so Andy became a skydiver, BASE jumper, and wingsuit enthusiast. And he set a goal of raising $1 million for the Navy SEAL Foundation through his efforts. Andy’s latest? Breaking the distance record for flying with a wingsuit – 17.8 miles. And that was after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 38,000 feet.

andy stumphAndy Stumpf – 18 year Navy SEAL veteran

Graham teamed with Andy and the Navy SEAL Foundation to produce the 500 piece limited edition Graham Chronofighter Navy SEAL Foundation watch. The piece is monochromatic on the front, with the unique camouflage design of the SEALs. But of course Graham couldn’t resist putting some color somewhere. So the crystal case back bears the red, white, and blue of the US flag as well as the Navy SEAL Foundation logo.

navy seal watch

navy seal watch

With all that, I’d be tempted to say the Chronofighter is a real Guy’s Watch, but Graham representative Lisa Delane tells me more and more women are wearing the pieces too. Even at the bigger diameters, the piece has such a unique – and often colorful – look that it works on most any wrist.


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