Gifts for the Rolex Lover In Your Life

Gifts for the Rolex Lover In Your Life

Well, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are behind us. The holidays are just around the corner, and if you haven’t yet snagged the perfect gift for the Rolex lover in your life, I’ve got a few ideas for you.

Of course, it’s not rocket surgery to figure out that, here at Everest Bands, we believe an Everest Band is the perfect gift! Watch straps are a great way to customize the look of a watch without spending the cost of a new watch. Browse our site and you’ll get numerous ideas. I’m partial to the steel end link leather straps myself. And remember to pick up a spring bar tool, some spare spring bars, and a cleaning cloth!

Everest leather watch strap

Watch rolls are an ever popular gift idea. If your favorite Rollie lover has more than four watches total, then multiple watch rolls are in order – especially for their next trip to RedBar. My compadré Josh wrote about a few watch roll options here, and Hodinkee also has a nice selection.

worn and wound watch roll

Books are always a good call for a gift to the watch nerd. Guido Mondani publishes several comprehensive volumes on Rolex, Tudor, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Universal Watch Geneve, and Omega. And James Dowling and Jeffrey Hess wrote one of my favorite volumes covering most of the Rolex brand history during the 20th century.

Rolex book

And should your Rolex lover be the guy who has more watches than wrists, a winder (or two) is in order. Needless to say, get a good one. Winders can be deceptively complex. Do they wind one direction or two? Do they operate on a timer? Do they provide random action? Versa, Brookstone, Wolf Designs, and Scatola del Tempo will cover your budget, whatever it might be.

Watch safe

OK, that covers the typical gift categories for watch lovers. Now let’s get a little more creative.

Whiskey seems to go with fine watches, and in my opinion, there’s none finer than the single malt scotches of the Isle of Islay. These smoky offerings from the Scottish Isles have been called adventure whiskey, and why not? Spirits from the distilleries of Lagavulin, Laphroaig, and others are the perfect accompaniment while your favorite watch aficionado is reading Endurance, the incredible true story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s leadership and heroism in the Antarctic which was playing out 100 years ago this month (with its own horological tie-in – a marine chronometer was critical to the success of the voyage of the James Caird, Shakleton’s all-or-nothing bid to gain salvation for his stranded crew).


Endurance book

Tame books or wild books? Tame whiskey or adventure whiskey? Which does your Rolex lover desire?




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