From Customers to Coworkers

From Customers to Coworkers

At Everest Bands, we are truly a bunch of watch enthusiasts creating only the best for other watch enthusiasts. Michael DiMartini started the company in 2013. We had the privilege to be featured on You can read the article here. But, as we have progressed through the years, one fascinating aspect is that some of our customers are actually now our coworkers. I spoke with three of my coworkers, asking them to share why they joined Everest Bands. Check out what they have to say below. 

“My first Everest experience was during a Red Bar event.  I picked up a Submariner on a black rubber strap and commented that I didn't know Rolex made rubber straps, but that they were very impressive.  As it turns out, that was the watch of the Everest founder. It took only a few days to get my first Everest strap onto my wrist, and I was hooked.  The excitement of the entire team for the product is contagious, and eventually, it pulled me into being a team member as well.” - N

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“I bought my first Everest strap for my 16800 Sub in 2015.  Little did I know the company was based in my hometown of St. Louis.  The founder and CEO, Michael DiMartini, now my business partner at MONTA, personally called me to say thanks and offered to hand-deliver it.  A week later, we met for a beer and instantly became friends. Five years later, that Everest strap is still in my possession and serves as a reminder of what good things can come in this world if you keep your eyes open and follow your passion.” - J

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“I bought my first Rolex back in the spring of 2014. I had just made the leap from Panerai and was accustomed to having strap options. After a little research, I stumbled upon a brand called Everest and picked up their EH2 strap. During the installation process, my spring bar tool slipped and I cut the edge of the strap. Annoyed at the situation, I called Michael at Everest and explained to him what had happened and that I’d like to buy another. Being one to satisfy his customers, he told me not to worry about it and replaced it for free. Over the years, I wrote a few strap reviews for Everest and Micheal and I became good friends. During one of our chats, I told him “Let me know if you ever get big enough and need someone in sales. I’d be interested.” About a year and a half goes by and Micheal calls me out of the blue and asks if I’m still interested in a sales position. Today, I’m working on my fifth year at Everest feeling both happy and grateful that I work in a field I'm passionate about among some of my closest friends.” - P

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Thank you #watchfamily for providing us with an opportunity to work in areas of our passions.

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