From Colorful Dials to Rubber Bands: Crafting Your Unique Rolex Look

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A Rolex timepiece never fails to make an impression, and it is a subtle yet powerful way to showcase your commitment to flawless design and performance. Wearing this stately timepiece also indicates an elevated sense of style as a person who insists on fine quality above all else.


A Rolex watch is crafted with precise Swiss-made movement, perfected through decades of watchmaking traditions under exacting Swiss standards, and the high-caliber approach to beautiful design makes each one a masterpiece. Though it is a masterpiece right out of the box, you can choose to make a few special customizations to make it perfect for your own style.


Customizing Through Rolex

You can create your very own custom Rolex through the brand itself, but it can be a steep investment. Each watch — whether it’s the handsome Sea-Dweller or the classic Submariner — can be configured through your jeweler or Rolex’s website for a custom approach.

For example, the Day-Date model comes in either rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, and you can choose between a fluted or diamond-set bezel, depending on your preference. Many Rolexes can also be ordered with various different bracelet styles and optional diamonds. In the case of the Day-Date watch, a diamond-paved dial is also an option for those who crave more sparkle.

Your jeweler can also help you choose unique ways to customize your Rolex. If you’ve purchased the timepiece as a mark of an important milestone in your life, you can have your jeweler engrave the back of the case.

There are also several services available online that allow you to add modifications that transform it into a true original. You can add visual elements to the face, bracelet, and components of your Rolex through these services. Before you make any modifications, you should consider how they could affect the resale value of your timepiece.

To Engrave or Not to Engrave

Although there is some evidence to suggest that engraving your Rolex could diminish the value of the timepiece, that’s not always the case. Determining whether to engrave your Rolex comes down to your personal taste and your long-term goals for the timepiece.

Do you intend for the timepiece to be a cherished heirloom that stays in the family, passed on from one generation to the next? If so, then an engraved message will only make it more special. If your primary goal is to get a return on investment, then our best advice is to skip it.

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Plenty of customized Rolexes have fetched high amounts at auction. Just take a look at the custom watch that belonged to Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India after British rule. His stunning Rolex Oyster was slated to be sold at auction for $440,000 in 2011, but Prasad’s family managed to reclaim it before it was sold. To be fair, the model has a pretty fascinating backstory, which helped to elevate its resale value.

If you’re still considering getting your watch engraved, remember that almost any Rolex Service Center will be able to replace the case back for a relatively moderate price. In other words, if you get tire of the engraving or decide to sell it, you can easily restore it back to its original condition.

Customizing Through Everest

Here at Everest, our raison d’etre is to help Rolex aficionados and casual owners alike get the most wear from their legacy timepieces. That means helping users find unique ways to customize their Rolexes for daily use. A Rolex timepiece is an important investment, and investing in a few versatile Rolex watch bands can turn a single timepiece into a customizable accessory that is adaptable and stylish for any activity. It’s a great reason to invest in a handsome Everest band!

Rolex submariner rubber watch strap

We’re also in the business of helping users customize Rolex watches to suit their unique personality and interests. Our ultra-rugged, vulcanized rubber Rolex bands are popular among people with active lifestyles who need something stronger and more enduring than the standard Oyster bracelet. Plus, our handsome curved end leather straps bring a distinguished finish to your beloved timepiece.

Just like Rolex, Everest bands are entirely Swiss-made to ensure the best in quality and long-term performance. They transition perfectly from the boardroom to outdoor adventures, allowing your Rolex to accompany you on all of your endeavors.

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