Five Reasons to Buy An Everest Band

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Ever wonder why an Everest Band? We asked our customers to find out what caused them to want to own an Everest Band, compiled the responses, and here they are:

Unlike other rubber straps, Everest bands are precisely curved at the lugs, creating a seamless transition from case to band. This not only greatly resists unwanted movement, but also furnishes a sleek look. The curved end prevents dirt and debris (including skin cells) from accumulating between the gap that typically exists between the watch case and watch band. Additionally, it eliminates the fear you watch band will snag on something between the case and band and cause undesired damage.

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The underside of each Everest rubber strap features a wide channel. The channel allows moisture and sweat to effortlessly glide away from the wrist, resulting in a pleasant and dry feel. No more need to worry about watch bands sticking to your sweaty or wet wrist, the channeling allows the air to pass through and dry out any moisture.  

Every watch owner’s wrist is different, so we incorporated industry-leading adjustability into our Everest bands. Nine pin buckle adjustments ensure an exact fit over a long period of time. The sliding second keeper keeps the remainder of the strap tongue in place.

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The finest watches demand the finest rubber straps. Everest utilizes our own unique Swiss vulcanized rubber polymer. It resists UV rays, temperature changes, stretching, tearing, dirt, dust, abrasion, chemicals, and staining. There are other rubber like materials like silicone or thermoplastic available, but nothing compares to the smooth and durable vulcanized rubber. Perfect alternative watch band for any adventure or simply for everyday wear.

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And, we know the love for the Rolex deployant clasps the watch world has. If you prefer a deployant band, simply count your links and order the corresponding Everest rubber strap, no cutting required. It’s easy to install and integrates effortlessly with your Rolex clasp. The rubber bands work with any sport Rolex deployant clasp. In particular, the diver extension will still work flawlessly.

everest band review

If this doesn’t convince you to become an #everestman, than visit one of our hundreds of authorized retailers worldwide to see for yourself. Everest set out to create a long-lasting, resistant strap to allow Rolex owners to reach new limits and explore new adventures while offering a watch band deserving of the watch. We’ve achieved that, so you can achieve more. Climb higher with Everest.

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