Find The Perfect Watch Roll For You, No Matter What Your Budget Is

Find The Perfect Watch Roll For You, No Matter What Your Budget Is

Watch Roll

As time goes by, you are going to start amassing a collection of beautiful watches and accessories. With that said, you may want to look into purchasing a watch roll. If you haven’t heard of a watch roll, you need to step your game up because these are a must-have for any Rolex owner.

But there are many too choose from, so how do you know which ones will suit your needs (as well as your budget). So instead of googling and scouring the ends of the earth for the best watch rolls, I have a found a few examples in various price ranges.

Let’s start with the lesser expensive watch roll. After looking at sites like Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy I went with a third party site, Cool Material. They have a lot of sweet looking gear and reasonable prices, as well as an informative blog about pretty much anything you would ever want. I suggest checking them out.

This is what Cool Material had to say about their awesome product:

We teamed up with Bradley Mountain to create this custom watch roll designed for traveling with your collection of timepieces or keeping them on display at home without the fear of getting them scratched up. We designed the Waxed Canvas Watch Roll in-house and it’s available exclusively in the Cool Material Shop. Each roll holds up to 6 watches and is secured for traveling by a simple oiled leather strap. Each is handmade in the USA and designed to last a lifetime so you can have a watch or two to pass down to your son when the time comes.

Tan Canvas watch roll

The Waxed Canvas Watch Roll comes to $48.95 before tax and shipping. Check it out here!

One particular watch roll comes to mind, the Worn and Wound – Waxed Tan. We first saw this particular watch roll during Baselworld 2015 when we were able to see the staff of Worn and Wound first hand. Obviously, they are a group of well educated gents (they run an awesome watch blog, duh!) – so when it came to watch rolls they don’t know how to cut corners. First, it is American made, so the quality is fantastic. Second, well designed with a rugged canvas exterior and a uber soft calf leather lining. Clearly an impressive watch roll that holds up to four watches and a spring bar tool safely.

Tan Waxed watch roll

The Worn and Wound – Waxed Tan Roll comes to $150.00 before shipping and tax. Check it out here!

Now if you are wanting something a little bit more high end, we have the Coach watch roll that you might like. It gives you some flair with sport calf leather, and of course the Coach logo to make your friends jealous.

This is their description of the roll: 

Crafted in glovetanned leather with a remarkably rich finish, our modern version of the traditional gentleman’s watch roll keeps your favorite timepieces securely stored, on a dresser or in your suitcase.

Coach Black leather watch roll

It’s pretty exceptional if black leather is your preference. The Coach watch roll clocks in at $150, so still not bad at all for a place to store your most expensive watches. It doesn’t say how many watches it will hold but after talking to a Coach rep in store, they say it would hold three men’s watches or 4-5 women’s watches. Check it out here!


If you are a true baller, no Coach watch roll will do for you. You want something that will wow everyone that you show your extravagant watch collection. After going through a few watch rolls, I didn’t find any that were much better than the Coach one. So I found this beautiful box made by the Venlo Company. It holds 12 watches and is apart of their triple burrowed collection.

Watch Box

They don’t have much info on the box, but it is extremely well build and has a lock and key system built in. It’s not a fire proof safe but it will keep your watches safe and look amazing. 

You can take a look at the watch here and the price tag on this one is $950.

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