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A day at Everest Horology without a host of questions from interested customers would be like a day on Mt. Everest without altitude. We field mounds of questions from our prospective fan base and customers non-stop throughout the day, truth is they never stop coming.

The most common asked questions frequently asked is – “what Rolex watches does it fit on?” The answer is simple – it fits on the following Rolex models :

• Submariner line – REF 1680, 16800, 168000, 16610, 116610, 11610LV (really any submariner will fit no matter what)
• Submariner No Date – REF 5512, 5513, 14060, 14060M, 114060
• Explorer I – “AKA 39MM Explorer” – REF 214270
• Explorer II – Anything Pre- 2011 – REF 16570
• GMT Master I, II – REF “ Pre Ceramic Bezel” – REF 1675, 16710, 16750, 16760
• Sea Dweller – REF 16660, 16600
• Yacht-Master – REF 16622, 116622
• GMT Ceramic – REF 116710
• DateJust – REF 1600 & 16000 Rubber Strap must be used with the oyster clasp- (not Jubilee)

Which ones will it (not) fit on :

• Daytona
• Milgauss
• Yacht-Master II
• Explorer 42MM Post 2011
• Deep Sea Dweller – “AKA” DSSD

Everest Horology Products is committed to producing watch straps for the Rolex enthusiast. We are constantly looking to add new designs almost on a daily basis. There are no shortage of questions from Rolex owners about which watch it fits on but many questions asking “do we make this type of strap or that type of strap?” Needless to say, there are enough Rolex watch models to keep us occupied for a while, and we will create a strap line for all of them. After all, we are Rolex watch owners who appreciate more than anyone the beauty of cutting edge design without sacrificing comfort in a watch strap. The FAQS will continue to come to Everest daily, and we will continue to answer them. If you have a question about any of our straps, please drop us a line at or call us at 800-643-4942, and we would be happy to answer them. (An additional question has always been how do I install the Everest Band? – Click here to learn more)

Thank you for reading!

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Michael DiMartini
Michael DiMartini

Michael is the creator of the Everest strap system.

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