Fall style means pairing outerwear and our favorite watches

Fall style means pairing outerwear and our favorite watches

Temperatures are finally hovering around the 50s around these parts. Time to put our watches on leather straps and dig out our favorite light jackets and sweaters. Having a collection of watches means that you can pair your watch with your outfit. Naturally, we want to make sure that our watches are paired with our new jacket options. Here are some combinations we’ll be turning to carry us through November both on the East Coast and in the Midwest where our team members are based.

With the sleeves of your outerwear generally covering your watch when standing tall, a quick flash of what’s on the wrist shows off your style game when you are moving about is a detail you should definitely consider.

Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy and Tellason 16 oz Selvedge Denim Jacket: Denim jacket and denim jeans (aka The Canadian Tuxedo) may be too much for some, but the simple blue on a watch and a jean jacket can by a subtle match that gives your look a boost. Something as small as dial color can have a noticeable subtle impact on your appearance.

Rolex Submariner and Buck Mason Bruiser Moto jacket: The King of Cool, Steve McQueen, was known to enjoy his Submariner, so it makes sense to wear the coolest jacket in the market, the black leather moto, with a Sub.

Rolex GMT-Master II and Alpha Industries MA-1 bomber jacket: An aviator watch paired with an aviator jacket is a smart move even for those who aren’t flying anywhere soon. The shiny exterior and classic styling gives off the air that you are ready for adventure, even if that just means grabbing coffee at a cafe in an unfamiliar part of town. Ray-Ban aviators are practically required in this getup and you’ll look like Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” in the best way possible.

Rolex Datejust and Gap Military jacket: Dressing down a Datejust is as easy at adding a military style or rugged chore coat to your outfit. Grab any version of this classic style and the olive just works for its nod to the military roots. We like Gap’s version for its price to quality ratio as this is a jacket type that looks better after it has been worn often and hard.

Tudor Black Bay Chronograph and Barbour Heritage Quilted Jacket: While Barbour is known for its waxed jackets, several guys on our team prefer their take on the quilted jacket, which provides a nice texture for a look that screams fall as much as pumpkin latte to some people. Lightweight and cozy, this is the jacket we reach for when it comes time to conduct business, which is why the Black Bay Chronograph is a nice match for getting everything dialed in and precise.

All photos are by the manufacturers. 

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