Exclusive Leaked Rolex 2023 Models With Pictures - Watches & Wonders

Exclusive Leaked Rolex 2023 Models With Pictures - Watches & Wonders

Each year we try to predict what Rolex is going to release. Some of the past years, we get it and some of them we absolutely miss it. It is us, a bunch of Rolex fanboys (and girls) in a room spitballing what would be cool. The last few years we have scoured the internet and have gotten kinda lucky with our findings. Last year we found an instagram account @notyourwatches - and they had pictures from what looked like a Rolex catalog that would be handed out at Watches and Wonders 2022. In that catalog they had pictures of the different releases that came to fruition. This year they have once again begun posting pics from what looks like a 2023 catalog. We are going to explore what they have posted so far.

New Rolex Leaked Photos…

Let me start by saying that we are just reporting our findings of what is on the internet. The images you see below and the person who posted them, we have nothing to do with. We are not affiliated with Rolex in any way or the instagram account that posted these. We are just taking screenshots of what they posted. 

Leaked Rolex Milgauss 2023

A New Rolex Milgauss

With that said.. a brand new Milgauss looks like it is happening. From the shot we have so far it looks like it very much resembles the Air-King that came out last year. Wider dial, crown guards, wider lug width (most likely 21mm) and a wider bracelet. We can assume that this watch may have a bit of extra protection from magnetic fields since it was intended for scientists who would be around machinery that can affect mechanical timepieces. The 3235 movement already has improved magnetic field protection due to the hairspring and other components being adverse to magnetic fields. It is likely that Rolex will upgrade the new Milgauss with the 3235 movement. We cannot tell from the pictures, but it is a Rolex, so they will likely improve the case design to further ensure this watch from being affected by these unseeable forces.

The watch pictured contains the signature lighting bolt hand and what looks like the green rimmed sapphire glass that has become a staple on the Milgauss collection. The watches overall proportions look really good. Frankly, Rolex consistently perfects their watches and again this writer feels they have done it with this model. I like the current design of the Milgauss, but I am confident if this comes to the local AD, I am in. TAKE MY MONEY!

Leaked Rolex GMT Master II 2023

A New Rolex GMT Master II in Green and Black

Next up shown in @notyourwatches posts is a right handed, Rolex GMT Master II with the bi-color ceramic bezel in green and black. I know you guys think that I love everything that comes from the crown, but to be honest I could never really get behind the left handed version of this watch. For me it was just too strange. I know that many have fallen in love with this watch, but for this writer it just didn’t do it. I have nothing against those who purchased this watch and frankly I love that Rolex was trying to break into this group of left handed people. I happen to be a righty, so it was just not my cup of cappuccino. That being said I am all in for the right handed version. This thing in the picture looks so freaking cool! I love the GMT Master and have been hoping for a Coke version forever in this model, but I guess a Sprite will have to quench my thirst for now.

Leaked Rolex Daytona 2023

A New Rolex Daytona with Ceramic Bezel

Next up that was posted is a Daytona in full gold with a meteorite dial. However, that is not what is actually cool, it's the ceramic bezel! If this is really gonna be a thing, we praise you Rolex! Last year we predicted a two tone Daytona with a Ceramic bezel. Our wish did not come true. We may have had to do some deep breathing techniques to get over this. When Rolex came out with the Daytona in steel with a ceramic bezel we were overjoyed. This watch is instantly 10X cooler. The team here at Everest always wondered why so few Daytona models came with the ceramic bezel, since it is just so damn cool looking. Please let this be the opening of the flood gates to moving the entire collection to ceramics.

Again, we are not Rolex, just major fanboys. So these images above still have to fall under hopeful predictions. That being said, these images look like future offerings that we are not supposed to see just yet. The IG account that posted leaked images last year was dead accurate, so our confidence level in this year's posted photos seems 99.9% likely. If any more posts come from this account, expect us to post them in another article.

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