Everest's Tudor Leather Watch Band

tudor leather watch band

Have you ever googled “Tudor leather strap?” The bad news is that what comes up is pretty lackluster. No one has been helping Tudor watch owners customize their watches with a leather strap, until now. Tudor does offer a few straps for Tudor watch owners but the selection is pretty small (maybe 1-2 color variations) and they are incredibly pricy.


Yes, there are a few 21mm wide watch straps out there from aftermarket strap and watch band makers, but honestly, the quality is poor. And, even worse they do not accent the classy, vintage vibe of what Tudor has been trying to do for the last nine years. This is where Everest shines; we focus on what will make a Tudor (or Rolex/Panerai) look unique but still keep the same stye that was originally intended by the manufacturer.


At Everest we created the industry for Rolex owners to have countless options when it came to a leather strap. Our specific claim to fame is creating straps that curve perfectly to the watch case they were intended for. We take the time to backward engineer the case connection to each watch. We create a custom plastic end piece that embeds inside the strap, so the strap won't move or shift.

A very important aspect of each design is that it must be easy for the installer (you, the watch owner) to be able to install the watch strap. This first step requires a lot of prototyping and engineering to develop what many call the best leather straps on the market today.

tudor watch band black bay

Once the case connection and plastic insert is perfected, we move onto the aesthetic design. We work directly with the leading strap manufacturers in Switzerland to create a strap line for each watch that mimics the desires of the original manufacturer but also what the customer wants. When it comes to Tudor watches, we entirely focus on Italian vegetable tanned leathers. Each leather we choose has a long life but is completely hypoallergenic and environmentally safe.

tudor watch strap

One factor that is great about our straps, is that each strap is completely unique to the owner since the material 100% naturally tanned unlike straps you see on other low end websites such as eBay and Amazon. 

So, if you're in the market for a strap or watch band for your Tudor Blackbay or Tudor Chrono, head here and find the strap you have been desiring. Don't forget to check out our rubber strap line for Tudor here as well. Customize your Tudor watch with an Everest Swiss made watch band.

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