Three Ugly Rolexes to match your Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Three Ugly Rolexes to match your Ugly Christmas Sweaters

As you know the gang at Everest loves to poke a little fun at ourselves and other watch guys. So this holiday season, we decided to brighten the season with an article devoted to matching your Rolex watch to your Christmas sweater. We are not going to match your brand new black Submariner to a navy cashmere from Saks Fifth Avenue. That wouldn’t be fun, instead we are matching Ugly Rolex watches to Ugly Christmas Jumpers (as they say in England). Let’s start in the jungle. 

First up we have a real roar of watch that most likely should never been made, the venerable Rolex Safari Daytona . This watch has won the accolade of being the ugliest Rolex ever countless times, frankly in our eyes it wins first place in the last place race. We have found the absolute perfect sweater to go with this diamond that should be left in the rough. It is the Jungle Bells Christmas sweater from personalized witch. The dial of this Daytona will perfectly match the head of the Tiger that welcomes Christmas cheer with every deathly scary look from the eye of the tiger. 

Jungle Safari Rolex Dayton

Next up is a Rolex Pearlmaster with a brownish dial and a transitional colored amber jeweled bezel that slides in at a close second for one of the most awful watches to come out of the crown. We dug deep to find a Sweater on Amazon with a desert Christmas theme. The dial and bezel will flawlessly go with the yellow to brown stripes of the sweater and the Santa caped coyotes and cactus with lights warms our little hearts. You definitely won’t get made of fun for your taste in watches and attire by your family with these two honey kissed holiday beauties (actually you will.) 

Ugly Pearlmaster Rolex

Lastly, we head to the beach this Hannukah with a watch you would never be caught dead at the beach with, the Rolex Daytona Beach Edition. This salty beach of a watch really takes a gorgeous design and throws it into the ocean. We match the Daytona Beach Edition with a beach inspired Christmas sweater that warms our snow hearts. Two snow people (male and female snowmen) melt away the winter blues on this simply ugly sweater.

rolex Daytona beach


We hope you enjoyed this holiday article as much as we did. Our Christmas list only has watches and Everest products this holiday season, and if it would help spread holiday cheer we would definitely rock any of the watches mentioned in this article especially with our selected matching sweaters! Happy holidays to all and please no hate mail from owner’s of the above mentioned timepieces. HO HO HO!

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