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rolex explorer rubber watch band

We’re back with another great story from a fabulous watch photographer and watch enthusiast @bzabodyn214.

@bzabodyn214 is a commercial banker for a publicly traded Texas-based bank, but he doubles as a watch-flipper and watch social media influencer. His watch interest started in his teen years - when G Shocks were becoming popular - and in high school and college, he noticed watches everywhere. On teachers, professors, in public, etc, the more he saw, the more his interest grew. Growing up in Texas, @bzabodyn214 noted there were Rolexes everywhere you turned.

“I told myself when I got my first job and started making money I would buy myself a ‘nice’ watch, and I saved up and bought a Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph. It was all downhill after that.”

@bzabodyn214 bought the Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph in blue with orange accents in 2004. The most recent purchase for his personal collection was a Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5065 with a Tritium dial with 2004 papers - of which Charlie Sheen was the original owner (a pretty phenomenal acquisition). And I am sure you are wondering - does @bzabodyn214 prefer bracelets, or is he a strap guy? And, we discovered - BOTH! He has some watches that work great on both options. He swaps straps and bracelets a ton - something @bzabodyn214 notes will never change. Living in Texas, the seasons are so drastic that certain straps work better than others depending on the weather (as we note quite a bit 😜).

rolex racing explorer strap

@bzabodyn214 does escape the Texas weather once in a while to visit his favorite travel destination: Breckenridge, Colorado. An awesome town with beautiful mountain views and great activities to do year round. @bzabodyn214 isn’t a big world traveler, but he notes: “Breckenridge has everything anyone that loves the outdoors could want.” So, we must come to the conclusion, @bzabodyn214 is huge on outdoor activities.

nato nylon rolex gmt

Other than watches, @bzabodyn214 shared with us his days in a nutshell. He notes that caffeine is a daily essential and about as essential as it gets with two massive cups of coffee a day. “Outside of that a great watch, a few wristshots and a little time talking watches with friends helps the days go by.” @bzabodyn214 ends his day by watching some mindless TV with his beautiful wife Jenna.

rolex leather watch band

Being a watch enthusiast, it sounds like he doesn’t have a “favorite” Rolex when he informs us: “gun to my head,” his favorite Rolex would be the GMT Master II BLNR as the perfect do-it-all watch. And we agree @bzabodyn214, it looks great on a variety of bracelets and straps.

@bzabodyn214 has some wants from Rolex and Tudor. Loving his Everose Yacht-Master on the Oysterflex strap, @bzabodyn214 notes a stainless steel version with a similar black dial/ceramic bezel and red writing and seconds hand “would be killer.” We’d have to agree!

Another great idea, @bzabodyn214 notes that Rolex could use another, slightly dressier chronograph option that harken back to the pre-Daytona’s. From Tudor, @bzabodyn214 is looking for more dial/bezel options for the Tudor BB58 - “love that case.”

rubber rolex bracelet

Of course, we had to ask the question. What would you like Everest to come out with in the future? And, the response was a great idea:

“I’ve always thought a 10-15 watch box with the fit and finish of your straps and travel cases would be a great addition even if I couldn’t afford it 😜”

Hmmm...thats an interesting one, and one we will have to pass along to our design team. Huge thank you shout out to @bzabodyn214 for this awesome sit-down and for all his gorgeous shots! Keep sharing yours #everestbands

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