Don't be Tricked by Everest's Competition - They are not Swiss-Made at All

Don't be Tricked by Everest's Competition - They are not Swiss-Made at All

Here at Everest we are a little crazy about the term “Swiss Made,” and that is because it is a legal term that cannot be used lightly. We mold our straps in Switzerland, using Swiss-made compounded rubber material. Our rubber straps are 100% Swiss Made; however, you are being lied to by other companies. Full, bold face, 100% fraudulent liars. 

Everest and only one other company who makes aftermarket rubber straps can claim “Swiss Made.” That is right, only one other company besides Everest can say that legally. So, where is the trick with the other companies? The trickery is in the marketing and the language. You may have seen: “Using only Swiss manufacturers” or “We use Swiss technology” or even “Swiss Manufacturer”- that means that the company that is making the straps is legally a Swiss company, but they make their products in foreign lands such as Thailand, China and India. Nothing against those great nations, but for something to be called Swiss Made, it legally must be manufactured and created on Swiss soil. Pay close attention to the wording brands use in this regard. You’ll be quite surprised to see how often brands will try to swindle their clients with flowery language, making you think something is “Swiss Made” when actually it is made in Asia. When we say it, we mean that our straps are physically made within the borders of Switzerland.

Everest green rubber Swiss made Rolex strap

Here is a great article that we put out about our Swiss-made rubber straps explaining the benefits of Swiss-made and the extreme level of quality we aim to achieve at our Swiss partner in Switzerland. That level of attention to detail and expertise combined with the location of making something in Switzerland drives up the cost dramatically. But then again, our straps are for Rolex owners. Our rubber and leather straps do not fit one hundred dollar watches, they fit one hundred thousand dollar watches. Our straps are made in the exact location as the straps on the finest timepieces in the world (we are not even allowed to mention their names…..)

Everest leather strap Swiss made label

Have you ever noticed just how perfect your Rolex is? How it is such an amazingly well engineered timepiece that keeps quartz level time in an automatic watch? For that exact reason, we choose to only use the Swiss. Because they devote themselves to that level of quality. They focus their lives on it. The Swiss also pay their workers incredibly high wages, and the price of perfection is not cheap. Their real estate is the highest priced in the world and taxes are also some of the highest. For Everest this means significantly less profit margin, but our reputation is more important than money.

So, when you're in the market for a new rubber strap, do not get tricked by marketing. Look for Swiss Made to be stamped on the bottom or clearly put on the website. Without that you are buying an inferior product for your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai. Also, a quick thank you to all of our customers. You are the best and we appreciate your taste in excellence.

Everest blue rubber Swiss made Rolex strap

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