Everest Man: @rolexdiver – Instagram Rolex Enthusiast

Everest Man: @rolexdiver – Instagram Rolex Enthusiast

rolexdiver everest rubber submariner

At Everest our constant goal is to create unique items that give Rolex owners an ability to take their Rolex anywhere safely. This goal may seem simple but the truth is that creating custom watch parts to the level of the greatest luxury brand standards is almost impossible. It requires us to constantly be looking for a better manufacturer, better materials, better packaging – we are in a constant state of flux, simply making things better. So when we find another person who is doing the same thing, constantly breaking boundaries and achieving more, we want to share their experiences with our clients. We have decided to create a new series on our blog, the Everest Man Series.

This ongoing series will spotlight people who we’ve met in our travels, who truly are doing something impressive. Honestly, they might not own one of our products or for that matter even own a Rolex. We are inspired by them and want to share their victories with you. Let them inspire you to take the next leap of faith in yourself and achieve that next level.

two tone rolex submariner

We are excited to have our first Everest Man, @rolexdiver. This macro lens artist has been teaching us how to create the best-looking watch images ever. His Instagram account has simply blown up with 16,700+ followers (at the time of this article) and about 1000 amazing posts. His flawless images included his ever-growing collection of Rolex Oyster Perpetual beauties, including mulitiple Submariners, a Yacht-Master, a Turn-o-Graph and a few other timepieces from the famed Swiss brand. We met this Las Vegas native a few months ago through Instagram and asked him if he would like to put our Rubber Strap Series through the perils of his daily life as a diver and avid sportsman. He agreed and since then we’ve become great friends. Here is our Q & A with the man, the myth and the diver:

How did you get interested in watches? Especially Rolex?

I was fairly interest in watches since I was about 16. I remember getting my first debit card and the first thing I bought with it was a Timex watch that I still have today. There was something about rolex’s that grabbed my attention. The brand that scream “You’ve done well”

What was your favorite travel destination and why?

I have had the opportunity to travel all around the world and my favorite has been New Zealand. Just had an awesome 2 week road trip in a crappy rental car driving the entire north island and then renting a plane and flying down to the south island for some sight seeing. Just was an over all great trip.

What is your Favorite Rolex? Even if you don’t own it? What watch are you wearing today?

My personal favorite is the platinum Yacht Master. It was the first Rolex that caught my eye and I was set to have to have it! Today I am wearing my 116613LB two-tone blue submariner.

What is your day job?

Helicopter Pilot

What would you like to see Rolex do or come out with next?

This has to be one of the hardest questions one could ask. I really love the current line up of watches from Rolex. I couldn’t imagine them to be able to upgrade the current line much. I think the submariner and GMT line deserves a solid platinum edition since they’ve done it for the Day-Date and the Daytona.

marco shot rolex submariner

@rolexdiver’s eagle eye knows what looks incredible through his lens and his excellent taste in watches (and straps) makes us excited to keep refreshing our Instagram feed each day to find out what will come next. What doesn’t always show up online is that he truly is an incredible guy behind the camera. Hopefully we were able to shed a little light on such a wonderful brand ambassador for Everest. We are grateful and excited to see what comes of his life travels on land, in the air and of course underwater. Thanks to all of our amazing clients and to @rolexdiver for making it possible for us to help make our goals a reality too!

rolex submariner yacht-master

rolex deepsea sea-dweller


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