Everest Bands Holiday Light Show

Everest Bands Holiday Light Show

Let’s set the scene. It’s Christmas, and holiday music streams from the speakers in your house. You’ve got a fire crackling in the fireplace, and a hot beverage of your choice steaming in a mug in your hands. (Apple cider? Coffee? Mulled wine? A classic hot cocoa crowded with tiny marshmallows? It’s up to you.) Packages wrapped in glossy paper are arranged neatly under the tree. 

Ok, let’s be honest: tiny, confetti-size pieces of wrapping paper have been strewn all over the living room since approximately 5 a.m. this morning. Everyone young and old are playing with their new toys, and you’re checking out the Everest Bands website to order yourself a new rubber strap for the watch you just received. Don’t let the holiday spirit fade too quickly. Just take a moment, turn up the tunes, and enjoy the first ever Everest Bands Christmas Lights Show. 

First up is the classic Hulk, a mean green machine that gleams against the dark December nights. We’ll miss this gorgeous reference, as the Hulk was retired in 2020 to make way for other Horological Heroes. (We think it looks even better on an Everest Bands green rubber strap.) 

everest watch band on a hulk

Next, a brand new and flashy dial color for the 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetual in Coral Red. This color is just a shade more orange than Santa’s red suit, but still we think Kris Kringle could rock it on next year’s toy delivery run. 

2020 rolex oyster perpetual

Here’s a deep red IWC Lewis Hamilton Perpetual Calendar Big Pilot. The color of vintage Burgundy wine and plush red velvet couches. The gold accents on the hands, crown, indices, and subdials really promote a sense of holiday cheer. 

IWC lewis hamilton

Omega’s Seamaster 300 looks positively festive in an emerald green color that comes from the malachite used in its construction. The sheen on this dial is truly unbelievable, and it’s echoed more subtly in the forest green bezel. Yellow gold for the case and bracelet make this one even more memorable. 

watch bands

Let’s not forget our Hebraic friends celebrating Hanukkah. These blue and white watches will make your dreidel spins look absolutely sickening. Gimel gimel gimell!

You knew it was coming, right? This navy blue blue Tudor Black Bay 58 stole our hearts and 5k out of our pockets, and we’re still not mad about it. In 2020, we needed a win, and Tudor’s GPHG award was the greatest news we heard until the FDA approved Pfizer’s vaccine. 

tudor black bay

The Rolex Pearlmaster evokes a glittering expanse of snow on the Alps, or the white capped waves on the Atlantic Ocean, or maybe the sun-drenched spires of the Taj Mahal. We don’t know, because we stayed pretty close to home this year. 

rolex watch

Looks like we’re moving into the finale of the Everest Bands Holiday Lights Show. Drake rapped about the Virgil Abloh customized “Patek on my wrist goin’ nuts”  in the winter of 2019, just a few months before the world would change forever. This sparkling, emerald-encrusted Patek Phillipe Nautilus makes us think of simpler times, before Virgil Abloh was doing mask collabs with the Cleveland Clinic.


Let’s linger in that pre-viral time of December 2019, when we spent hours scrolling through pics of grail watches instead of doomscrolling through state and county health department numbers. Abloh was seen wearing this ruby-studded Caviar Flying Tourbillon from OG jewelers Jacob & Co.

It’s been a long year, but holiday lights in the dark help remind us that brighter times are on the way. This time next year, we hope disinfectant wipes, toilet paper shortages, n95s, and not hugging anyone will be a distant memory when 2021 comes to a close. (By the way, if you’re on the Everest Bands site because Santa didn’t get you everything on your list, we’ve got you covered. Our watch rolls and watch bands make great gifts-to-self as well!) 

Written by Meghan Clark

Header Image Jacob & Company’s Brilliant Pocket Watch Pendant

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